Zipp updates 3Zero motorcycles with new hub and lower price – Pond Beaver 2021

Zip’s 3Zero Moto wheels were released two years ago with great acclaim. Their single carbon rims are designed to provide exceptional alignment by allowing local twisting along their own axis, thus allowing the rim to turn somewhat around unevenness. Coupled with the wide edges of the balls, this claims to reduce the risk of puncture punctures, offering more grip and less roughness.

Today, Zipp (which is part of SRAM) updated 3Zero MOTO. It now has a brand new hub, which offers faster engagement and a stronger free-hub rattret mechanism designed for use with e-bikes. The Quarq TyreWhiz pressure sensor is no longer included in the rims, but can be purchased separately for $ 200.

Zipp 3Zero Moto details

• Purpose: trail / enduro
• One-sided carbon fiber rim
• 32 holes, tie with 3 crosses
• 37.5 mm outer, 30 mm inner width
• New ZM2 hub: 12 pedals, 132 grip points
• Required weight, 29 “: 1965g, 27.5”: 1875g
• Laid and shaped in Indianapolis, USA
• Lifetime warranty
• Price: $ 1,800

Fortunately, that allows Zipp to drop $ 200 off the asking price, so if you can settle for a digital manometer like all of us, you can put the savings in your pocket. Yet they are still not very cheap. In the US, they now cost $ 1,800 for a pair. Here are the full international prices:

Zipp 3Zero Moto Front: $ 850 / € 870 / £ 780

Zipp 3Zero Moto Rear: $ 950 / € 970 / £ 865

Zipps new ZM2 hubs

The new hub was designed in Germany and boasts an amazing 12 paws. They operate in four groups of three paws each, which in combination with the 33-toothed ring gear yields 132 points of engagement. This corresponds to a very fast lifting angle of 2.7 degrees, compared to 6.9 degrees in the outgoing hub ZM1. The inclusion of three paws at once is enough for Zipp to recommend hubs for the use of ebike. The hubs are also claimed to have an improved seal design for greater durability.

Hubs are available on their own for $ 190 (front) / $ 360 (rear).