Zhilei Zhang targets Derek Chisora ​​and Joe Joyce – “we are approaching the world title” | Boxing News

Zhilei Zhang’s adviser: “Derek Chisora ​​is a name I like. Joe Joyce is also a fight we would love. Let me put it this way; there are no names we want to avoid.”

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Sky Sports experts in 2019: Zhilei Zhang must step up!

Sky Sports experts in 2019: Zhilei Zhang must step up!

Zhilei Zhang would risk his perfect record against the British heavyweight in the UK “for the right opportunity”, and he checked the names of Derek Chisora ​​and Joe Joyce.

Undefeated Chinese candidate Zhang intends to extend his record to 23-0 against Jerry Forrest on Saturday in Miami, on the card of world title fight Saul ‘Canel’ Alvarez with Avni Yildirim.

“We are looking for steps against the big name,” Zhang’s adviser Terry Lane said Sky Sports.

Zhang is undefeated in 22 fights

Zhang is undefeated in 22 fights

The key to mega-fighting in China?

Can Zhilei Zhang’s blend of commercial appeal and true talent bring a big fight to unused audiences?

“We want a name that will draw more attention to Zhang because he still doesn’t have a big name in his resume.

“Chisora ​​is a name I like. Joyce is also a fight we would love.

“Let me put it this way; there is no name we want to avoid.”

Zhang now exclusively promotes Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom and, although his career is based in the US, he wants to fight in front of his Chinese fans from the UK, Lane says.

“There are more passionate boxing fans in the UK, including the Chinese community,” he says.

“Boxers, golfers or any athletes today are global, so we would definitely look at the UK.

“We have no reservations about it. The sand under our feet is constantly changing, but we would do it for the right opportunity.”

Could Derek Chisora ​​be the test Zhang needs?

Could Derek Chisora ​​be the test Zhang needs?

Zhang lost to eventual gold medalist Anthony Joshua at the 2012 London Games – four years earlier he had won silver in Beijing.

He is now 37 years old, ranked 8th in the WBO rankings and 14th in the IBF.

The WBO belt, which held Joshua and should be combined for his proposed undisputed title fight with Tyson Fury, could later become fragmented as Oleksandr Usyk is expected to face Joyce for the interim version.

Currently, only Joseph Parker or Junior Fa, Andy Ruiz Jr., Frank Sanchez and Michael Hunter would remain between Zhang and the title.

Zhang KO'd Devin Vargas last November

Zhang KO’d Devin Vargas last November

“None of those names scare me,” Lane says. “None of those names make me shiver. We don’t want to avoid any of these fights.”

The WBO route is Zhang’s plan, he explains: “This is a secret sauce in boxing.

“Zhang has to win on Saturday, he has to look good, he has to dominate the fight.

“After that, we have to oppose the big name. Once it wins, it can’t be denied that it would be combined for a shot for the world title.

“There is a unique opportunity with Zhang and the Chinese market, and we are approaching the blow of the world title.

“On the music chairs, which is a professional boxing game, things change quickly. It’s in the realm of possibility that, in a couple of fights after Saturday, Zhang could be there.”