Zedd teamed up with Apple Music for today’s hits 2020 (DJ Mix)

Zedd released DJ’s Mix 2020 hits for Apple Music

Just like Madeon,, Zedd also teamed up with Apple Music and recorded a special mix called Today’s Hits 2020 mix that will ring in the new year just right. Apple Music has teamed up with 20 different artists for this mix series, and it’s Zedo’s turn. Simply put, this mix is ​​his look back at 2020, a year full of uncertainty, but also full of incredible music, and he wanted to focus on that in this one hour.

“It’s exciting to revisit songs and voices that may have missed us. And with Zed behind the wheel – impeccably curating, editing and mixing – even that most experienced year sounds full of action, lively and fun. – Apple Music

We are immediately greeted by incredible sounds in the form of openers, ‘Head and heart’ by Joel Corry i MNEK. Telling us we’re having non-stop fun with this mix, he then enters one of the greatest remixes ever, which of course Imanbekova ‘Roses’ remix. Traveling in combination, we find artists like Kelly machine gun,, DaBaby i Dua Lipa.

Today’s hits 2020 are a love letter to all the artists who reached the top of the charts this year and filled the commercial and electronic music space with only solid hits, and you can listen to it below.

Image credit: press