YouTube’s short video test begins in the US

YouTube’s shorts may sound like the latest technical clothing for bare-legged clothing, instead of like the new one-minute video format from Google’s platform. Despite this, the company still hopes that its competitor TikTok will become furious across the United States

Officially unveiling new one-minute videos this week, YouTube has revealed that it has begun introducing this feature as a national beta test, joining other short video offerings from Instagram, Snapchat and others.

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The test hit India for the first time in September and proved popular, prompting the company to open it on its own ground, where it will gradually break through the country in the coming weeks.

According to product manager Todd Sherman, Indian short film channels have more than tripled since early December. “People are also looking at more and more shorts around the world,” he wrote in a blog post. “The YouTube Shorts player has now surpassed 6.5 billion daily views worldwide.”

Fast traction is to a small extent the result of YouTube’s deep connections with the music industry.

Music, which is the core of TikTok and its growing legions of clones, has been a major part of YouTube for years. Its extensive relationships are a significant advantage over competitors, some of which can be hampered by issues such as negotiating song rights. Meanwhile, YouTube is able to create a robust catalog.

“As we launch our beta in the U.S., we will have millions of songs (and growing), music catalogs from over 250 publishers and publishers, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Publishing, Warner Music Group and Warner Chappell Music, Believe , Merlin, 300 Entertainment, Cobalt, Beggars, CD Baby, Empire, Peer, Reservoir, OneRPM and much more, “Sherman wrote.

The US beta will include basic editing tools introduced in India – such as the ability to merge multiple clips, record with music and speed control – plus new capabilities, such as adding text in specific places in sampling video and sound from other shorts.

The company also plans to allow the use of audio from YouTube videos, which would represent a large amount of ringtones. YouTube videos number in the billions.

Once created, the shorts will remain in order on the home page. On mobile devices, the company is also testing the addition of a special one-touch access card. The new viewing experience will allow users to swipe vertically to switch from one video to another, a familiar navigation video for short videos already built into social video users.

Such considerations are crucial, as ease of use of any type of fast video experience is crucial. Instagram could attest to this: In November, a rival on social media redesigned its app, throwing a “new post” and notifications in the upper right corner and replacing them on the main cards with the Reels and Shopping icons. The move angered people accustomed to the old interface, which provoked a reaction from some influential people.

YouTube wants to integrate the Shorts format in a way that works with the main video platform, rather than distracting from it. For example, in the previous example, the user will be able to watch a music video and quickly create a short track with that sound. It can work the other way around, if a person hears a clip of a song in a short way, quickly finding the whole song, listening to it, watching a music video, and then learning more about the artist.

Several other companies would be able to perform the kind of experience with depth and breadth that YouTube can and to its extent. More than 2 billion people watch his videos every month. If only a fraction looked at the shorts, it would still clog TikTok’s more than 100 million users.

However, what can complicate the appeal of the feature is that the views from the shorts do not contribute to the viewing time of YouTube for the existing monetization. And brands or influencers who have perfected their video production may not know how to deal with the new format and vertical orientation. The web is already full of such questions.

This can calm down over time, especially if more detail is tried and the feature attracts a large audience in this test. At the time, it could become a legitimate tool for influencers or companies, similar to sponsored video teasers to discover a product or brand experience.

Since YouTube is Google’s company, that kind of long-term thinking about shorts may already be in the works.