You’re a frog in Peacock’s upcoming physical competition show ‘Frogger’

What do you get when you mix Takeshi’s Castle with Frogger, other than an explosion of 1980s nostalgia injected with hairspray? Apparently a new NBC show.

Peacock, NBC’s streaming platform, ordered 13 episodes in an hour Frogger, a great 12-track physics obstacle course inspired by a classic game. That probably means a lot of neon, cartoon sets and a bit of Konami brands.


“These physically demanding challenges will see contestants dodge treacherous traffic, jump over shooting gutters and jump over hungry hippos to win the course,” the press release said.

The winner of each episode will receive a cash prize. Eureka Productions, the company behind it An amazing race i Dating Around, is currently airing the show, and is open to U.S. residents over the age of 18. It will be filmed in Australia from the end of May to the end of June. Happy jumping, hope.