You must see parts 1 and 2 of the four-part documentary Demi Lovato “Dancing with the Devil”

demi lovatoa highly anticipated four-part documentary, ”Dancing with the devil“It was officially premiered.

The amazing singer reveals it all in this powerful documentary series that explores every aspect that led to her almost fatal overdose in 2018 and her awakenings afterwards.

Before you dive into the episodes, watch the live premiere:

The live premiere features an exclusive acoustic performance “Anyone”, Demi walking the red carpet, talking to the director Michael D. Ratner i.


See the first part:

“I’ve crossed a line I’ve never crossed in addiction.”

In the first part of this fearless documentary series, Demi Lovato and her family and friends honestly open for the first time what led to her fatal overdose.


See the second part:

Demi and her closest confidants speak directly about the consequences of an overdose as she wakes up in the hospital after being a few minutes away from death.