You like what you see so far in Android 12

Google Pixel 5 front

Credit: Robert Triggs / Authority for Android

It’s almost that time of year again, when new Android developer reviews are suppressed for registered users. But we may have already gotten a first look at the upcoming Android 12 update thanks XDA developers, along with many more details.

The obvious screenshots show a light beige look (probably due to the theme support in Android 12) and a host of rounded extras. It is also believed that there are several changes and additions related to privacy. So we wondered what Android Authority readers are thinking of Android 12 at this point.

What do you think about the Android 12 leak so far?


We published the poll on February 10, 2021, and 1,099 votes were collected from the writing. The results show that nearly three-quarters of voters like what they see at the moment. We can also see why, with particular privacy features (e.g. camera and microphone indicators and new privacy switches) being pretty reasonable additions.

A quarter of readers surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with the apparent leak of Android 12, but they made up a loud majority in the comments. These comments point to a possible user interface design as the main appeal. It seems like the early days for Android 12, so it’s still possible that the visual style may change if the screenshots were really accurate.

It’s also possible that some features will return to the later Android release though, as we saw with Android 11 and features like double tapping on the back. We hope to still get that missing feature and more in the stable release of Android 12.


  • anmol: it looks absolutely awful with those curves. be sure to include this in your comments. smfh
  • PRSXFENG: No no no, the direction of everything spinning in a circle just isn’t great.
  • Anthorama: 74% should get an iphone because they like their design
  • Hundakko: Rounded corners bring it closer to iOS and MacOS. Android will lose its uniqueness with these curves. At the moment, it’s like, Microsoft – subtly rounded, Apple – radically rounded, Google – somewhere in between. But the themed and privacy features are good.
  • Andrew Zuo: It looks too much like iOS. Pass. The notification tray is already running, Google has to stop changing it every release.
  • Mike S: Among other things, it would be nice if some kind of external screen works and has wide support. Similar to DEX maybe not just Chromecast? A similar promise is made in the Nexxus 4, but with HDMI.
  • Drone9: Appearance – Ok. Color – Wtf happened to your color calibration ??

That’s it for our Android 12 poll, thanks for voting and posting comments! What do you think about the Android 12 leak? Let us know via comments.