You have to watch episodes of clone wars before a bad series

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: A Bad Series is more than just a sequel to Clone Wars, but here are all the episodes of Clone Wars that need to be watched again.

Star Wars: Bad Series is a sequel Star Wars: Clone Wars – and here are all the episodes you need to watch to catch up with the characters. On May 4, 2021, Lucasfilm launches its next Star Wars animated series. Set shortly after the dramatic events in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith,, Star Wars: Bad Series follows an elite group of Clone soldiers who have been discharged from military service and are on the run in a suddenly hostile galaxy.

The title characters, Bad Batch, have been featured for years Star Wars: Clone Wars season 7, and they are basically superheroes of the Grand Army of the Republic; mutated clones whose mutations are considered useful. They were joined by Echo, a Clone soldier who had served with honors as a member of the elite 501st formation, but was captured and armed by separatists before being released by Bad Batch. Moreover, there are other returnees from Star Wars: Clone Wars also – especially freedom fighter Saw Gerrera and rising star in the imperial ranks, Tarkin.

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Viewers may want to make up for these heroes and villains who return before the show begins. Of course, because Star Wars: Clone Wars it is not said in strictly chronological order, this task is not necessarily easy. So here’s your final guide to watching.

The original story of the echo

Cadets cloned from Star Wars

  • You have to watch the episode: Star Wars: Clone Wars season 3, episode 1 (“Clone the Cadet”)

This is the original story of Echo, one of a group of five clones that the Kaminojs estimate; they are all unusually stubborn, and cloners fear they could be so-called “Bad Batch.” This episode is important for the presentation of Clone Trooper 99, a flawed clone that serves as a janitor on the Fireplace and who will eventually become a war hero.

Attack on Kamino

Rookies from Star Wars

  • You must watch the episodes: Star Wars: Clone Wars season 1, episode 5 and season 3, episode 2 (“Rookies” and “ARC Troopers”)

Sticking to a loose chronological order, viewers next time want to move on Star Wars: Clone Wars season 1, episode 5 and season 3, episode 2. This basically serves as a two-part story that sees the separatists launch an unsuccessful attack on the moon Rishi to position themselves for a full blow to Kamino. Echo is one of several new clones located on the Moon Rishi and was admitted to the 501st Legion for his service. Unfortunately, the victory on the moon Rishi does not prevent separatists from reaching Kamina, but the hero of the day is Clone Trooper 99. It proves that even supposedly “faulty” clones can be valuable, leading Kaminojci to re-evaluate their approach to mutation. Without this story there would be no bad series.

Introduction to Tarkin and Capturing Echoes

Anakin Skywalker and Tarkin in the Clone Wars

  • You must watch the episodes: Star Wars: Clone Wars season 3, episodes 18-20 (“Citadel”, “Counterattack”, “Saving the Citadel”)

Fast forward to Star Wars: Clone Wars season 3, and an excellent three-part story in which Anakin Skywalker and 501 are assigned to infiltrate a separatist prison to free a group of high-ranking inmates. One of these prisoners is Wilhuff Tarkin, a skilled military strategist who quickly becomes attached to Anakin Skywalker and has an intelligence that desperately needs to be passed on to the chancellor himself. The rescue was successful, but unfortunately Echo is believed to have been killed; in reality he is captured by separatists, who will arm him against the Republic.

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Saw Gerre’s story

Saw Gerrera in Star Wars Clone Wars

  • You must watch the episodes: Star Wars: Clone Wars season 5, episodes 2-5 (“War on Two Fronts”, “Front Runners”, “Soft War”, “Power Points”.

Star Wars: Bad Series it will also show the return of a shadowy figure named Saw Gerrera, a key player in Lucasfilm’s transmedia stories. Saw’s origin story – including the tragic death of his sister – is told in Star Wars: Clone Wars season 5, episode 2-5. If you want to see what happens to Saw Gerrer after these events, you have to look at James Lucen’s novel Catalyst, four episodes in Star Wars Rebels (season 3, episodes 12-13 and season 4, episodes 3-4), and of course Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Bad series in action

Star Wars Clone Wars - Bad series

  • You must watch the episodes: Star Wars: Clone Wars season 7, episodes 1-4 (“Bad Series”, “Distant Echo”, “On the Wings of Keeradax”, “Unfinished Business”

You definitely need to check Star Wars: Clone Wars season 7, episodes 1-4. This serves to introduce Clone Force 99 as an elite team of faulty clones with desirable mutations, and they are working with Anakin Skywalker to find a separatist intelligence source that envisions republican strategies. It turned out to be Echo, who was transformed into a cyborg and whose mind was involved in the command systems of the separatists. Echo is successfully rescued and joins Bad Batch.

The end of the clone wars

Ahsoka removes Rexs chip in Star Wars Clone Wars, season 7

  • You must watch the episodes: Star Wars: Clone Wars season 7, episodes 9-12 (“Old Friends Not Forgotten”, “Phantom Apprentice”, “Broken”, “Victory and Death”

While it doesn’t actually contain any of the main characters, it’s worth repeating the last four episodes as well Star Wars: Clone Wars season 7 before watching Bad series. They coincide with at the same time Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and they tell the story of Order 66 from the perspective of Clone’s soldiers. It is still uncertain whether Bad Batch really fulfilled Order 66 – the trailer for Star Wars: Bad Series they seemed to suggest that they did not obey, and their mutations were assumed to be resistant to control chips. If this is indeed the case, there could be major consequences for Clone Force 99.

These episodes represent the essential past of (famous) characters who return to Star Wars: Bad Series, and it is crucial to watch them before May 4th. The series itself is set in a time period that has rarely been explored in the canon, and will undoubtedly explore how the Republic was restructured into an empire. Although there will be early rebels, like Bail Organe and Mon Mothme are content to choose their time, waiting for the Empire to prevail. But it is entirely possible that Clone Force 99 will cross paths with other famous players during this period; Padawan Ahsoka Anakin Skywalker survived Order 66, for example, and is known to have started working against the emperor in just a few years since its founding.

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