You can’t gain recognition by attacking the APC, Akpanudoedehe tells Wike

Written by Omeiza Ajayi – Abuja

The ruling Congress of All Congressional Progressives has warned Rijeka State Governor Nyesom Wike of the need to measure up in his public statements, saying he will not gain national popularity by attacking the APC.

The party also challenged Governor Wike to appoint APC leaders who make overtures to him, saying the APC has never pressured or forced anyone to join, but people enter the party of their own free will.

The secretary of the party’s transitional / extraordinary committee for planning conventions (CECPC), Senator James John Akpanudoedehe, said this in a telephone conversation in response to earlier allegations by the governor on national television.

“Tell Wike, he can’t achieve national popularity by attacking or insulting the APC and its leaders. He should come out clean and declare if he wants to join the APC vehicle on the move, not that he is under pressure or courted to join.

“Please (Wike) name the suitors. Who is putting pressure on him? I’m not surprised what he (Wike) does. I have seen people like him who hated the APC in the past, but today they are in the APC seeing the light and the good thing the party is doing in repositioning the country and re-functioning after years of PDP rule, ”he said.

Regarding the allegations against the party against Akpanudoedehe in 2019, the APC secretary said that he refused to join the issues with the governor, but noted that “this is cheap blackmail. This blackmail is no longer modern in politics. What we preach and practice in the APC is a policy of question and substance, not cheap blackmail.

“I am a man with problems. I am a substantial man. I do not join the issues of blackmail. Wike can say it all. But ask him how he met who I voted for 2019. Was he in Akwa Ibom or is he a ghost who knows the party I voted for. The narrative of voting for another party cannot hold water. This line of blackmail is no longer in vogue.

“Where was Wike in 1999 when I was in the Senate? Is it because the governor now thinks he can come into the limelight by insulting APC leaders? He should mature and respect his exalted service and stop the game of blackmail. ”

Vanguard News Nigeria