You can play ‘Overwatch’ for free until January 4th

This is a very strange time of year for most of us. While nothing really can replace a visit to family and friends for a vacation, at least there is always escapism provided by video games. If you haven’t dipped your fingers into the world Supervising, you will be able to do it for free during the holiday season.

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Until January 4, Supervising is free to play. All you need is a multi-player network subscription console or a decent enough computer, as well as a solid internet connection.

Supervising I guess at this point it should be permanently free to play, but for newcomers this is a great chance to check the game properly. Blizzard has offered free trial periods in the past (that’s how I got hooked), but they usually last a few days or even a week. Supervising this time it will be available for free even longer. All your progress, including cosmetics from the holiday event, will be carried forward if you buy the game.

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If you still want to play after January 4, you can continue Supervising at a discount. Until that date, it is on sale on several platforms. The PC Standard Edition costs $ 5 for $ 15, and you can save 50% on the Legendary Edition, which includes additional skins and cosmetics for other Blizzard games. That’s $ 20 right now. On PlayStation and Xbox, Supervising The legendary edition was reduced by 67% to $ 19.79.