Yoruba sovereignty cannot be negotiated – Yoruba Global Alliance

… How Ogun employs insurance people in public schools

AMID calls for the secession of some groups, a self-determination organization, the Yoruba Global Alliance, yesterday insisted that Yoruba’s proposed sovereignty could not be negotiated.

Also concerned about the recent abduction of students in schools by bandits in some parts of the country, the Ogun state government said it had stepped up security in all its schools across the state by hiring people from insurance.

In a statement titled ‘Yoruba should not panic’, Council President Akogun Tola Adeniyi said the Yoruba Global Alliance is working quietly, strategically and tactically to achieve its goal, adding that it will not indulge in vain fame, seeking attention and noise.

The statement reads: “The Yoruba Global Alliance assures the Yoruba nation that their goal of Yoruba sovereignty cannot be negotiated, of course, and is irreversible. The statement, backed by the YGA founding fathers, assures the entire Yoruba race that the efforts of YG, our allies and several other self-determination groups have been aimed at eliminating any threat to Yoruba’s corporate existence.

“We are not a cowardly nation. And although our civilization and enlightened worldview have permeated us with the unique principles of Omoluwabi that provide love and accommodation to all people, we still believe that only humans should be treated as humans, while animals are animals. “

“We want to convince our Yoruba compatriots to work, but quietly, strategically and tactically, just as the perpetrators behind those devouring Nigeria remained anonymous without courage and seeking attention. The Yoruba fighting forces, as is the case in the tradition of soldiers around the world, should beat their chests to show their conquests.

“We are convinced that Nigeria is already at war, and we are not fooled by the shenanigans of those who accept terrorism and slander robbery and try to impose the Stone Age mentality on all those who still mistakenly believe that there is a country called Nigeria.

“Yoruba will no longer deceive the hypocrisy, insincerity and hypocrisy of those who preach peace with empty rhetoric and dramatized visits with sympathy, while at the same time closing their eyes to the massive accumulation of weapons and the brutal incursion and invasion of terrorized people they preach peace to. Don’t talk about peace, stop acts that make peace unattainable. “

In addition, Adeniyi said: “Although our programs for the eventual realization of our set goals, which can be achieved by peaceful and diplomatic means, are being strongly implemented. Our overall goal is to make every Yoruba person profitably employed, prosperous, safe and happy in robust health.

“The land of Yoruba is ready to build a nation of equal opportunities, a land of freedom, responsibility and responsibility in the mold of past heroes led by the Honorable Chief Obafemi Awolow.

“We are able. We are capable. We are rich and extremely prominent. Our rich pedigree assures us that in whatever we shake hands we succeed.

“Therefore, we call on our people to be strong, courageous and determined. No force on earth can distance us from the land of our ancestors. No force of evil and darkness can drive away our legendary light. “

However, he resented the defense minister for asking Nigerians to resort to self-help, describing it as a management failure.

He said: “The Nigerian Minister of Defense has publicly stated that their government cannot defend the country and that everyone should resort to self-help and defend themselves. Therefore, every Yoruba should be ready to defend himself in his homes, on farms, in workplaces, and even on the roads with any weapon he knows.

“Our ancestors did it and won. The rifle does not fire, the bombs are not dropped on people; human beings control these weapons of mass destruction. Human beings are never out of control.

Kidnapping: Ogun employs patrons of public schools

Meanwhile, Governor Ogun Dapo Abiodun said his administration had hired security guards to secure schools across the state to prevent the abduction of school children.

He said: “I have approved the employment of security guards in all our schools. We do not want to be reactive when it comes to security in our schools. We want to ensure that not only our children are safe, but also their teachers. ”