Yoruba Nation: You can’t fool us, Akeredolu knocks Akintoye, others

The governor of the state of Ondo, Rotimi Akeredolu, reiterated that he would not support the agitation for the people of Yoruba by a group of people, saying that those who call for it are not representatives of Yoruba.

Akeredolu, who reacted to the statement credited to the group under the auspices of Ilan Omo Oodu led by prof. Banja Akintoye, said the Yoruba people will not allow “cheaters” to agitate on their behalf. He also said that the people of the southwest will not be deceived by the secessionist plan.

Akintoye had previously rebuked Akeredolu for refusing to agitate to create a Yoruba nation. The group said that Akeredolu spoke for himself, and not for the people of the state of Ondo.

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But in a statement issued Thursday by Akeredolu’s special assistant for special duties and strategy, Doyin Odebowale, the governor said Akintoye is not the leader of Yorubaland and cannot speak on behalf of the people.

The statement read in part: “Let it be repeated. There will be no secession agitation in any part of the state of Ondo. Professor Akintoye should submit to the people if he wants to represent them.

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“It is audacious, defamatory and condescendingly vicious for a group of burglars, who live mostly in anonymity but fight for relevance, to continue to proclaim and pass laws on issues that affect the fate of the entire nation, without the slightest suggestion to even look at their feelings or providing due courtesy to real representatives of people whose opinions they reject as irrelevant.

“People are insightful. They know cheaters. They did not forget the activities of subordinate agitators, presumed repentant activists. The Ondo people and indeed the Yoruba are the easiest to lead, but the hardest to deceive. With them, sophistry and demagoguery have their limits. ”

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