Yoruba groups on the brink of self-determination were set for June 12 as referendum day

Written by Adeola Badru

The agitation for self-determination came to the fore again on Thursday, as some Yoruba groups on the platform of the Assembly of all Yoruba groups around the world set June 12 as the day of the referendum for Yoruba on the move.

This is part of a resolution reached at a meeting held by the group in Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo, on the topic: “The Yoruba Unity Parameter in Combating the Threat of Insecurity in Yorubaland.”

According to a statement read by Otunba Deji Osibogun after the meeting, it was decided that Yoruba self-determination could not be negotiated.

Noting the various security threats in the Yoruba country, the meeting accused the Yorubas, especially the elite, of returning to protect their country.

The meeting also had the task of each House of Assembly in the Southwest passing a resolution on the state of insecurity in Yorubaland.

Furthermore, the Assembly called on the members representing the Yoruba constituencies in the Senate and the House of Representatives to launch a proposal on insecurity in Yorubaland for the next 90 days, exactly on 25 June.

The meeting also called on Yoruba groups to organize materials to help victims of devastated Fulani.

This is as all Yoruba groups have been instructed to make unity of purpose their guiding principle, while the Yoruba Central Coordinating Council has been proposed.

In his remark, Professor Banja Akintoye, represented by Dr. Tunde Hamzat, stressed that the call for self-determination of Yoruba should not be misinterpreted as secession.

Akintoye said the Yoruba state would be achieved peacefully by building consensus and mobilizing the people.

Also speaking, Ambassador Yemi Farounbi stressed that Yorubas should be ready to defend itself from threats to their lives.

He ordered all Yoruba individuals and groups to bring their intellect, wealth and knowledge for the purpose of the Yoruba people.

A legal lawyer, Femi Falana, who called the event by phone, sensed the need to restructure the Yoruba country.

He called on the Yorubas to take care of their affairs and ensure the development of the Yoruba nation.

To suppress the conflicts between cattle breeders and farmers, he called on the Yoruba people to accept cattle breeding as it was in the time of Obafemi Awolow.

Groups in attendance at the event included YorubaKoya, Soludero and several others.

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