Xiaomi has introduced a series of mobile phones with games

Written by Nosa Alekhuogie

Xiaomi, a smartphone brand, has launched sets of devices for everyday use and gaming mobile phones that come with a triple threat of power and creativity.

The Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer impressive cameras, an AdaptiveSync screen, powerful processors and long-lasting batteries.

Marketing Director, Xiaomi Nigeria, dr. Seifullah Gaya, has announced the release of three smartphones that will drive consumer creativity like never before.

The main Mi 10T Pro takes creation and research to the next level, with unsurpassed specifications in its class. The Mi 10T continues to push the boundaries, providing superior experiences for everyone, from professional pros, to streaming enthusiasts and mobile gamers. The Mi 10T series brings 5G to everyone and offers an unparalleled user experience in Nigeria.

According to him, “Xiaomi’s key role in defining the 108MP camera segment cannot be denied – from the introduction of the world’s first 108MP smartphone camera to the introduction of countless software innovations in the past year alone. The Mi 10T Pro continues the brand’s legacy of ultra high resolution with support for OIS and 8K video. The Mi 10T offers an impressive 64MP main camera. But it doesn’t stop there – both the Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer a triple camera setup with an ultra-wide 13MP camera and a 5MP macro camera, equipping it to capture the moments that matter.

And with a 20MP front-facing camera, anyone can look their best, taking selfies or video calls from a loved one. “

Building on existing Xiaomi technology, the Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T boast new and dynamic software shooting features. Six stand-alone long-exposure modes allow everyone to take art shots, from Moving Crowd – which focuses on an inactive subject with blurred dynamic environments – to Star Trek – creating a swirling starry sky effect. Photo Clones captures the four of you in one shot. In addition, the time burst feature offers endless entertainment options, allowing users to upload time-lapse photos that can also be converted to video, while three new photo filters – Cyberpunk, Gold vibes and Black ice – help bring the desired mood to life. ,” he said.

Speaking about the features, he said that the Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T also offer impressive new video functions. Video Clones captures the “two selves” in a single video, while Dual Video can record simultaneously from the device’s front and rear cameras, making it ideal for capturing surprise reactions.

Finally, Time-lapse selfie video allows users to create a fast-forward effect for more interesting roles.

Smooth future with 144Hz AdaptiveSync TrueColor display
The Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T have one of the best flat screens available in any smartphone today, with a leading refresh rate of 144 Hz to run.

Although high-refresh screens often fall victim to high power consumption and inconsistent frame rates, Xiaomi’s AdaptiveSync screen automatically matches the frame rate of content, from enjoying a favorite movie at 48Hz to watching TV series at 50Hz, from streaming video at 30Hz or 60Hz to scroll social media or game feeds to up to 144Hz.

“It guarantees a smooth experience and optimal battery use. And with Motion Assessment, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology, the devices insert more frames to make video video smoother and better viewed, ”Gaya said.