Xbox begins testing free multiplayer for free play

(Pocket-lint) – Back in January, Xbox had a small PR disaster in the form of the announced price increase for Xbox Live Gold. Outcry turned the tide for a moment, but Microsoft went even further and also announced that it would provide free multiplayer for free titles on the platform.

It’s something that hasn’t been compared to Sony and Nintendo for too long, but didn’t activate right away, probably due to the need for some infrastructure (after all, hundreds of millions of players adorn Fortnite and Warzone).

An update has now appeared – Xbox is entering the testing phase for this feature, through Xbox Insider and only for a few selected users in that testing system.

This suggests that it may be some time before we see how the feature will be available to everyone, but it is still a very positive development. He will be greeted by anyone whose only real obsession is the game he will soon no you have to pay to play.

The modification will also allow players to use the fun conversations and features of Looking 4 Groups, which will mean they are far from having a second-rate experience even though they are in the free ranks.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.