WWE’s Daniel Bryan says he’s ready to be a part-time wrestler and a full-time dad

Over the summer, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella welcomed their second child in the world. Because of this, we’ve seen Bryan play a reduced role on WWE television during 2020. But if Bryan’s last interview is any indication, this could become the norm for the rest of his wrestling career.

Recently sat down with BT Sport, the former WWE champion spoke in detail about how it is that his father has changed his mindset and his priorities in the future.

Daniel Bryan’s current contract for WWE is about to expire

Bryan was asked about how his body is holding up since returning to the ring and whether he is worried about his longevity in the ring. The WWE Superstar didn’t seem too worried about it, as he feels his time as a permanent performer is coming to an end.

“So I’m confident in my body and my longevity, but it’s the same as now, my life. I have a few different priorities as much as I want, I still love wrestling and I feel like I will always wrestle as long as I can physically, but do I want to keep wrestling full time when like you have two babies at home? I’m just saying how much I love wrestling and this is the weird part of me that, even now talking about it, and wrestling for over 20 years, fills me with such joy and almost gives me energy like when I start thinking about things … Oooo … I get some kind of shiver, right?

“And the like, but now in my life I have things I love more than wrestling that give me the same thing, it gives me a different feeling. So I had a fight with my wife and kids before I got here. We’re filming shows around here. a week, right? And my daughter just says “Dad, can you go home now?” and I was like I’m sorry sweet girl, I’m going to be home tomorrow and she’s like “Well, can I come to you I see? “and I’m like no, and she’s like” I miss you “it’s like”

It’s clear just by listening to Bryan say that being a father has changed him and his overall outlook on life priorities in the future. Confirming what he said earlier this year, he once again mentioned that his current contract with WWE will expire soon.

“I simply change priorities in my life, where wrestling has been the main focus for years and all that sort of thing. Somewhere like that, my contract is coming out soon and not to say that, but we’re looking at switching me to maybe a smaller than a wrestler. Like my full-time wrestling times, I’ll be more like a full-time dad. Wrestling is a side job for me. Dating is my most important job. “

As long as WWE meets Bryan’s demands, there’s no reason to think we won’t watch him wrestle for the company for years to come. But if they insist on more dates than he enjoys, there are obviously other options for him besides WWE.

Posted on December 24, 2020, 6:02 AM IST