WWE raw results, summary, ratings: Major changes on the Elimination Chamber tab, Bad Bunny wins WWE title

With payments per WWE Elimination Chamber show on Sunday, this edition of Monday Night Raw for Homes focused mainly on upgrading the upcoming event. This included a handball match of the main event with six people to fight in the hall with the WWE Championship on the line. The winner of the match would secure the enviable position of the final participant in the match, making them the favorites for the quota to take home the title.

Sheamus will come out as the winner by the end of the night, be the last man to enter the hand-to-hand match and pin champion Drew McIntyre to send the final message ahead of PPV. That, however, was not the only big news of Elimination Chamber, when The Miz was removed from the match and left an open space filled by Kofi Kingston.

CBS Sports was with you all night bringing you recapitulations and the most important parts of all the nightly action.

Major changes in the Elimination Chamber

Miz hosted Drew McIntyre in an episode of Miz TV to open the show. After a typical conversation about Miz trash – and John Morrison is absent – McIntyre issued several warnings for Miz to stop talking. When Miz didn’t do it, McIntyre hit his head and ran away. Miz grabbed the microphone claiming that the Elimination Chamber pressure had already caused McIntyre to shoot and assessed that there was no pressure because he still has a Money in the Bank briefcase and a shot at the title whenever he decides to do so before being removed from Elimination Chamber matches.

Qualifying match for the elimination chamber – Kofi Kingston def. Miz broke through with Troubles in Paradise. Miz would later instruct Adam Pearce to have John Morrison take his place, which Pearce said he would take on advice. While Kofi Kingston made his field for inclusion as a former champion, Miz interrupted. This led to a match between Miz and Kingston, with the winner getting his wish for the Chamber. Kingston won after facing the Skull-breaking Finale and hit the Trouble in Paradise.

Sheamus won backups including AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton to become a final member of the Elimination Chamber. Styles scored the first game of the match, knocking out Kingston in a match in which Omos was knocked out of the ring after strangling Xavier Woods from the outside of the ring. McIntyre was the next man to eliminate Styles with Claymore. Hardy fell to Claymore the next time, but McIntyre was exhausted by the time he scored the pinfall. When Orton was next, he couldn’t take advantage after Alex Bliss ’face replaced all the screens in ThunderDome. As he was distracted, Orton was counted and eliminated. This left McIntyre to face Sheamus in the final match of the match. Sheamus jumped McIntyre before the start of their part of the match. After McIntyre was beaten and exhausted, Sheamus managed to hit Brogue Kick to secure his place as the final member of Sunday’s Elimination Chamber game.

It’s hard to complain about anything here. Miz’s exit from the match made sense and he held one of his best promotions in recent months discussing his strategy as the holder of the Money in the Bank contract. Gloved sleeves are also great ways to kill an hour for those fans who enjoy action in the ring over WWE’s often messy stories. Kingston is always money on high-risk games and adds a whole new dimension to a game that Miz wouldn’t provide. And Sheamus is the real man who will be the last man, posing a threatening threat to everyone involved. Rating: B +

What else happened at WWE Raw?

Riddle & Lucha House Party def. Damage the business by falling when Riddle hit the MVP with a floating brother. After the match, Bobby Lashley attacked the winners and locked Riddle in Hurt Lock.

24/7 Championship – Bad Bunny def. Akira Tozawa won the title through pinfall. Damian Priest threw Tozawa into crates of equipment behind the scenes seconds after Tozawa won the R-Truth title. Priest then told Bunny to stick a needle and take the title.

Charlotte Flair & Asuka def. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce when Evans left the ring. Evans tried to stay out of the ring with Flair until both women became legal. Evans then refused to enter the ring and, leaving with Rica Flair, announced that she would not wrestle with Flair because she was pregnant.

Shayna Baszler def. Lana through surrender with Kirifuda coupling.

Alexa Bliss has discontinued the promotion of Randy Orton. Bliss cut the promotion from inside the Firefly Entertainment House, sitting in the center of the pentagram. Bliss promised that while The Fiend was destroyed by fire, he would soon be resurrected.