WWE RAW results: Shocking title change, candidate eliminated for Elimination Chamber and more

The final RAW before Sunday’s PPV elimination chamber was full of action.

Not only did Gauntlet Match decide who would enter the WWE Championship match last, but one popular Superstar entered the fight very late, replacing The Miz.

There was also a surprising change of title for another exciting night at ThunderDome. See the complete RAW results below.

Riddle & Lucha House Party def. The Hurt Business

Riddle has teamed up with his brothers from the Lucha House Party to take over MVP and Raw Tag team champions Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in an attempt to boost momentum before the triple threat match of the United States Championship in the WWE Elimination Chamber.

The original Bro was fired from a cannon that aligned all three members of The Hurt Business. Gran Metallic and Lince Durado created a high-flying chaos in the ring, allowing Riddle to target the MVP with a floating Bro to secure the needle.

Bobby Lashley took it upon himself to request a final statement, while The All Mighty emerged from the background to lock Hurt Lock on Riddle before their Sunday showdown with Keith Lee.

Bad Bunny wins the title 24/7

Akira Tozawa finally chased R-Truth and his “baby,” but Damian Priest waited in his wings to spoil the celebration. After Archer of Infamy set Tozawa on fire, Bad Bunny took a moment to win the title 24/7.

Bad Bunny was a shocking title winner

Charlotte Flair & Asuka def. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce by disqualification

Charlotte Flair and Asuka met Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce in the ring, but it was the constant intertwining between Sassy Southern Belle and Ric Flair that took center stage again.

While Evans avoided the ring early, the Queen seized the opportunity and released her frustrations on Royce.

After he was finally marked, Evans instead went out towards the ramp and gave the shocking announcement that she was pregnant, which caused very different reactions from both members of the Flair family.

Charlotte suffered again from Evans on RAW

Kofi Kingston def. Miz earned a spot in the WWE Championship elimination chamber match

Miz tried to launch another master plan, but the potential #KofiMania sequel knocked The A-Lister’s intent out of desire.

As The Miz moved away from the WWE Championship elimination chamber match, Kofi Kingston showed off his old-fashioned athletic bat with a kick that nearly hit his card in the clash.

Miz, struggling to hand over his place in the chamber to John Morrison, retaliated by crushing Kingston with DDT and an exhausting figure of four. However, Kofi regained his magic by nailing The Miz with a problem in paradise to earn himself a chance at the WWE title.

Kingston will now be in the match for the WWE title in the Elimination Chamber

Shayna Baszler def. Lana

Every time Lana starts flying high, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax show up swinging to knock her down. Tonight, the Queen of Spades knocked down and twisted the undersaga from the opening bell.

As Naomi and Jax fought outside, an opening opened for Lana, but Baszler completed his sentence.

The WWE women’s team champion joined on a knee kick and locked in a Kirifuda clutch to ensure victory.

Lana was crushed by Baszler

Gauntlet Match – The winner achieves final entry into the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

AJ Styles def. Kofi Kingston

After earning a WWE elimination chamber match, Kofi Kingston had to go heel to toe with AJ Styles to start the Gauntlet match.

With the action raging in the ring, Omos took control with the suffocation of Xavier Woods resulting in the ejection of the Colossus, but Styles aimed at Kingston’s leg in a targeted manner.

After a series of intense action, Styles teamed up on a phenomenal forearm to move past Kingston.

Styles tried to run the glove on RAW

Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles

While Styles was trying to catch his breath, the WWE champion came in with a purpose. Drew McIntyre crushed Styles with Claymore Kick as he held on to the outer rope.

The sprawling Styles managed to come back and knock McIntyre into the ring hoop with a phenomenal forearm to reset the match.

The Styles calf crusher pushed McIntyre to the limits of what he could handle, but the WWE champion’s head kick came off. A well-executed setup by McIntyre put Styles in line for Claymore Kick who pushed the WWE champion forward.

McIntyre defeated Styles at RAW

Drew McIntyre def. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy refused to let McIntyre catch the wind as the three-time world champion came out swinging. As the charismatic enigma accelerated the pace, McIntyre attempted to invade the oncoming air strike.

Claymore’s evasion from Hardy countered the DDT’s reversal from King of Claymore Country. The WWE champion was wrestling with his back when McIntyre’s knees greeted Swanton’s bomb from Hardy.

McIntyre would not miss the next Claymore Kick, and the WWE champion moved on.

McIntyre connects with Claymore

Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton countdown

As Randy Orton made his way to the ring, the terrifying takeover of WWE ThunderDome by Alex Bliss stopped The Legend Killer on his way.

As Orton staggered around the ring, Viper was counted out of the Gauntlet match, but didn’t come out before McIntyre crushed him with Claymore Kick for the trip.

McIntyre also beat Orton by counting

Sheamus def. Drew McIntyre

Furious at his stolen title opportunity and self-esteem of disrespect, the Celtic warrior rolled angrily into the ring toward his old friend.

Sheamus smashed McIntyre to the ground from time to time, but the WWE champion dug deep to deliver the Future Shock DDT.

Claymore Kick’s empty attempt opened the door for Brogue Kick resulting in a Sheamus pin and a huge advantage for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber game.

Sheamus won the Gauntlet match at RAW

After another action week on RAW, the field for the Elimination Chamber was finally set up. Sheamus will enter last after running over the glove, while Kofi Kingston also earned a spot in the match.

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