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Retired American professional fisherman Bryan Lloyd Danielson, whose WWE ring is named Daniel Bryan, watches during the second period of the NHL hockey game between the New York Islanders and the Anaheim Ducks, on Sunday, October 16, 2016, in New York City.  Danielson is now the general manager of the professional wrestling television program SmackDown Live.  (AP Photo / Kathy Willens)

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Daniel Bryan is updating the WWE future

Nearly three years after returning to the ring after a neck injury threatening his career, Daniel Bryan wants to take a step back in his WWE career.

In an interview with BT Sport (h / t H Jenkins of Ringside News), Bryan said he is unlikely to continue wrestling full-time when he signs the following contract:

“So now I’m shifting priorities in my life, where wrestling has been a key focus for years. It’s like my contract is coming soon and we’re watching me move on to maybe less than a full-time wrestler. My time to be a full-time wrestler counts. I will be more like a full-time dad, a part-time wrestler. Wrestling is my side job, Dad is my most important job. “

Bryan and Brie Bella welcomed their second child, a son, in August. He separated from television during Bela’s pregnancy before returning to television in October.

Recently, Bryan was embroiled in a feud with Jey Uso that could potentially serve him in preparation for a universal title match against Roman rule at the Royal Rumble.

Regardless of Bryan’s booking plans, his inclusion on the list in any capacity is a big benefit to WWE. His work in the ring and his natural ability to connect with the crowd have made him one of the most popular superstars for years.

Trish Stratus open to the NXT coaching role

Trish Stratus could become the latest WWE Hall of Famer to take a behind-the-scenes role at the Performance Center to help edit upcoming NXT superstars.

Speaking of Fr. Women talk about wrestling podcast (h / t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc.), Stratus said she was open to a coaching role at NXT, but perhaps not right away:

“The reality is that it comes with the road, right? And I can’t travel at the moment anyway because of my family. They’re young now. I have a three-year-old and Max just turned 7 So at this point I just couldn’t so I go back on the road and leave the family like that, but yes, I would like to contribute in some way.It was nice to go back those few times and just work with the girl and see how their minds work, tell the art of storytelling and just work with Fit [Finlay] again, it stimulated me and he and I were this small – we are like Frit and Frat.

“We just have that little connection when we worked together, and we’d literally come up with ideas of how much more we’d do it – and we’d be like ‘Yeah …’ You just have it with someone. So we had it and so on. I thought , ‘Man, we could put together some good games.’ We’d probably be like a coagenation. We’d be great, but yeah, I’d love to contribute in some way. “

Numerous WWE legends currently work as coaches and coaches at NXT, including Shawn Michaels, William Regal and Sara Del Rey.

Stratus is considered the greatest female superstar in WWE history. She debuted in 2000 as a manager, but eventually became a wrestler in the ring.

By the time Stratus retired to Unforgiven in 2006, she was a seven-time WWE champion. WWE introduced her to the Hall of Fame as part of its 2013 class.

WWE announces the winners of the 2020 Slammy Awards

As we come to the end of the year, WWE has honored some of its best and most notable moments of 2020 with the announcement of the Slammy Awards.

Among the more notable winners were Drew McIntyre (male superstar of the year and overall superstar of the year), Sasha Banks (female superstar of the year) and Undertaker (moment of the year, game of the year with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36).

Here is the full list of Slammy winners:

McIntyre was the most obvious choice for the male superstar of the year and superstar of the year. He started in 2020 with a win at the Royal Rumble, using it as a springboard to beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36.

The Scottish superstar has spent seven of the last eight months as champion. His only single loss by fall or surrender was against Randy Orton in Hell in Cell and Roman Reigns in Survivor Series.

After years of teasing and speculation, it seems Undertaker has finally closed a book about his cult career. Dead Man came out high because his match with Styles at WrestleMania was the highlight of the show.

While Undertaker gave the final gift to his WWE tenure, Edge created the best moment of the year by ending his nine-year retirement with a surprise return to Royal Rumble.

Edge’s comeback was interrupted in April when he suffered a torn triceps against Orton on the Backlash, but the Rated R Superstar could return very soon.