Women’s Champions League Round of 16 Draw UEFA Women’s Champions League

The UEFA Champions League round of 16 draw, live, live, includes the winners of the round of 16. Two-legged connections are scheduled for March 3/4 and March 10/11.

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How the draw works

The 16 teams were divided into two groups of eight teams based on the following principles:

  • Sowing is based on a scale of club odds, with an equal number of seed and unsown teams in each group.
  • No club can meet a team from its own association.
  • Covid19 travel restrictions.

Two bowls will be prepared for each group, one containing balls with four teams with seeds and the other with four teams without seeds.

The balls in both bowls will be stirred. A ball will be taken out of each bowl and placed in a large empty bowl in the middle where it will mix.

The first drawn team plays its first match at home against the second drawn team. This procedure will be repeated until all pairs in group 1 have been drawn.

The same procedure is performed with Group 2 to complete all eight pairings.

Groups and sowing

Group 1:

Wolfsburg (GER)
Barcelona (ESP)
Bayern Munich (GER)
Rosengård (SWE)

Fortuna Hjørring (DEN)
LSK Women (NOR)
BIIK-Kazygurt (KAZ)
St. St. Pölten (AUT)

Group 2:

Lyon (FRA, holders)
Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
Manchester City (ENG)
Chelsea (ENG)

Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
Brøndby (DEN)
Sparta Prague (CZE)
Fiorentina (ITA)

Take a look at the highlights of the seven final wins and trophy raises in Lyon

Take a look at the highlights of the seven final wins and trophy raises in Lyon

  • Lyon won a record seven titles last season and achieved five in a row; they are the only side in the current format to reach the round of 16 in all 12 seasons (they have passed ten times).
  • The only other past champions competing in this round are last season’s runners-up Wolfsburg. Barcelona, ​​Fortuna Hjørring and Paris Saint-Germain are previous finalists.
  • Wolfsburg have won all eight of their previous round of 16 finals, with 14 wins and two draws in those games.
  • Both Lyon and Barcelona have won all ten of their quarter-final matches in the last five seasons.
  • Brøndby are in a record 18th campaign.
  • St. Pölten is the only team to have made the last 16 ports and the only survivor from the qualifying rounds.
  • BIIK and Fiorentina also hope to reach the quarterfinals for the first time.

The order of the full coefficient

Lyon (FRA, holders) coefficient 145,680
Wolfsburg (GER) 114,090
Barcelona (ESP) 102,140
Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 98,680
Bayern Munich (GER) 78,090
Manchester City (ENG) 69,645
Chelsea (ENG) 63,645
Rosengård (SWE) 59,015

Atlético de Madrid (ESP) 47,140
Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 46,385
Brøndby (DEN) 45,385)
LSK Queenner (NOR) 44,075
BIIK-Kazygurt (KAZ) 38,570
Sparta Prague (CZE) 31,365
Fiorentina (ITA) 29,065
St. St. Pölten (AUT) 23,950

Road to Gothenburg

Round of 16: 3/4 and 10/11 March
Quarterfinal and semifinal draw: March 12
Quarterfinals: 23./24. March and March 31 / April 1
Semifinals: 24./25. April and 1/2. Maya
Final: May 16 (Gamla Ullevi, Gothenburg)