Wolf Chief Nuno refuses to apologize for blasting Judge Lee Mason despite FA talks

Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo declined to apologize for claiming Lee Mason was not at the level of Premier League refereeing standards.

Nuno scored after the Wolves ’2-1 defeat at Burnley on Monday night after his team’s third defeat in four games.

The Portuguese coach claimed that the official Mason “does not have the quality to whistle a game in the Premier League”, because he criticized his handling of numerous games.

The FA contacted Nun for his observations after comments and talks were scheduled for Tuesday, December 29, for which the Vukovi boss could be punished.

Nuno admitted that the timing of his statements was awkward, but he remained in the nature of the comments ahead of his team’s home game on Sunday against the Spurs.

Nuno (46), in charge since May 2017, admitted: “It probably wasn’t at the best moment.

Nuno Espirito Santo hit referee Lee Mason
Nuno Espirito Santo hit referee Lee Mason

“I apologize for the time, but I will not apologize in words or thoughts.

“I will never judge or question the integrity of a judge.

“I will probably never do that in my life

“What I said was about the judge’s ability. We are in the best competition in the world. We expect a high level of performance.

“As managers and players, we always want to improve.

“I am the first to admit that we did not perform so well.

“But what we expect from the referees is to handle the players and lead the game.

“It simply came to our notice then. We want the judges to improve.

“We want to be in the best competition with the best managers, the best players and the best referees.

“We want the referees to let the games run and control the players and to have a dialogue with the managers.

“Trial in the game can be a means of teaching, so that players understand that it’s hard work.”

Was Nuno right when he broke the standard of trial? Have your say here.

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