Without regret that Sanusi Kano became Emir, Kwankwaso meets Ganduje – Punch Newspapers

Friday, Olokor, Abuja

Former Kano State Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso said on Thursday that he “does not regret” naming former Nigerian Central Governor Sanusi Lamid Sanusi II Emir Kanoa.

He also prayed to Almighty God to “save the state of Kano and indeed the whole country from the present swamp in which we find ourselves.”

According to him, the appointment and coronation of the Emir of Canoe included a law-abiding consultative process, adding that as then-Governor of Canoe he knew what kind of people to advise when it came to such critical issues focusing on lifelong meetings as the late Emir’s successor. Ade Bayera.

The former defense minister responded to comments from Governor Abdullah Ganduje (his former deputy) during a public presentation of a book called “Dear President Goodluck Jonathan (open letter)” written by former Times newspaper editor-in-chief Bonaventure Melah.

At the event held in Abuja, Ganduje said that he overthrew Sanusi in March 2020 in order to save the traditional institution from abuse, even though he was not the best among the competitors.

But Kwankwaso, in a statement by his chief private secretary Muhammad Inuwa, titled: ‘Gandhu and the chatter of a cheater’, said he opted for former CBN governors because he was looking for a progressive Emir to succeed Ada Bayer.

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He said, “Certainly, everyone who knows Governor Ganduje will confirm that he (Ganduje) is not progressive and that is why Kwankwaso deliberately refused to advise him on the election of Muhammad Sanusi II as the new Emir.

“Were it not for the colossal attitude of Goodluck Jonathan, Ganduje’s presence at the event would have affected what is otherwise a fantastic gathering of respected Nigerians.

“Therefore, we were not surprised, given the reputation of Governor Ganduje because of his shamelessness that he attended such an event only to spread lies and mischief regarding the coronation and subsequent illegal dethronement of the Emir of Cannes, Muhammad Sanusi II.

“Therefore, Muhammad Sanusi II was chosen among other competitors because he is the most experienced in Islamic and Western education.

“He is the most experienced and enjoys the immense support and good will of the creators of the kings, the councils of the Emirates and the really good people of the state of Kano; this is what informed his appointment. “