Winless Chicago State is suspending the men’s basketball program until the end of the season

The state of Chicago is suspending its men’s basketball program until the end of the 2020-21 season “to focus on the health, safety, and academic purposes of male basketball student-athletes”.

“It was a difficult decision, but necessary to prioritize the health, wellness and academic success of student-athletes,” athletic director Elliott Charles said Wednesday.

The Cougars will end this season 0-9.

Chicago State had several problems with COVID-19 during the first few weeks of the season. Head coach Lance Irvin left the team before the start of the season due to concerns about COVID-19, and the Cougars had to cancel a game against Iowa on Tuesday due to a lack of available players.

Chicago State played against the state of Illinois with just six players earlier this month, and last weekend faced Drake with just seven players available.

The remaining 14 athletic programs, including women’s basketball, will continue on schedule.