Why the public restrictions on COVID-19 will not be eased until 2021

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CoronaVac vaccine against Sinovac Biotech works above 50 percent, say from the Brazilian institute

The Covid-19 vaccine, produced by Sinovac Biotech, was found to be more than 50 percent effective, based on an analysis of the latest study conducted in Brazil, Reuters reported, citing health officials in Sao Paulo. The institute on Wednesday marks a major step forward for the Chinese-developed jab – one of several world leaders in the Covid-19 vaccine – whose doses have already been booked by countries around the world. Announcing that the vaccine, called CoronaVac, has met the efficacy threshold set by Brazilian health regulator Anvis, Butantan also said Sinovac asked for a delay in publishing accurate efficacy data for up to 15 days, while the company consolidates data from global trials, according to Reuters , who quoted Bhutan director Dimas Covas as saying that none of those on trial developed the difficult Covid-19 case. Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact Big Story newsletter originally from China. CoronaVac began a phase of three trials in Brazil in July, and has since expanded to other foreign trial sites, including Turkey and Indonesia. Brazil was the first place to finish and report the test results. The Sinovac vaccine offers a potentially significant advantage in trying to bring the vaccine to all parts of the world because it uses an inactive viral platform and can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures. This may make the two-dose vaccine more accessible to developing countries compared to vaccines that require storage or transport at freezing temperatures, such as mfNA vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech. Several countries already have buyout agreements with Sinovac for doses, including Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore and Chile. Hong Kong should also receive 7.5 million doses of CoronaVac. Brazil is expected to buy 46 million doses of CoronaVac, and the first batch was delivered in November. Anvisa, Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, issued Sinovac a certificate of good manufacturing practice on Monday, following an assessment by Brazilian inspectors at CoronaVac at a vaccine factory in China. Enough Covid-19 vaccine to cover all Hong Kongers after a third agreement is reached. The publication of the results of the trial of the Butantan Institute follows the publication of provisional data from a clinical trial of an inactivated vaccine of another Chinese company, the state-owned Sinopharma. The UAE and Bahrain approved a vaccine developed under Sinopharm for general use earlier this month, citing 86 percent efficiency in an interim analysis of a phase three trial. The full results have yet to be published. The vaccine against Sinovac and two people under Sinopharma’s supervision received approval for emergency use in China in July, but both have not yet received regulatory approval for general use. In a press briefing on Saturday, National Health Commission officials said regulators are continuously receiving phase three data from vaccine manufacturers. Meanwhile, an experimental coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been found to be safe and to trigger an immune response in the early and middle stages of clinical trials, researchers said on Tuesday. The candidate, developed in collaboration with Anhui Zhifei Longcom Biopharmaceutical, is the fifth vaccine developed in China to enter the final phase of testing and the first Chinese candidate to do so using the “protein subunit” method – using a purified piece of virus selected for its ability to stimulates the immune response. Named ZF2001, the vaccine did not cause serious adverse events among 950 participants in phase 1 and 2 trials, according to the researchers, and produced neutralizing antibodies – a critical component of the immune defense – in at least 93 percent of participants who received a tridose of the experimental vaccine. Top American scientist Anthony Fauci gets vaccine Modern Covid-19 ZF2001 has also elicited a “moderate” cellular immune response, another part of the body’s defenses thought to play a role in fighting the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease, researchers said in a document which has yet to receive a review. “It simply came to our notice then [the receptor binding domain]A vaccine based on protein subunits is safe and immunogenic. Further clinical trials should be conducted to investigate its protective efficacy, “said the authors, including George Gao, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The scientists warned that although levels of neutralizing antibodies were higher than those seen in patients recovering from Covid-19, the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine was not yet known.Additional report by Robert DelaneyMore of the South China Morning Post: * Not everyone on the Chinese coronavirus line wants the vaccine – still * Coronavirus: more heat than light in search for Covid-19 origin * Coronavirus: 1 million Chinese injected with Sinopharm vaccine according to emergency scheme * Tests of US coronavirus vaccines raise hopes that Chinese drugs will prove effective, says this head of pharmacy The Brazilian Institute first appeared at South China Morning PostFor the latest news from South China Morning Post download our mobile lnu application. Copyright 2020.