Whisper … Manchester United is a title candidate

Manchester United would probably prefer to get under the radar a little more in the race for the Premier League title. Nobody paid much attention to how United climbed steadily to the table so they suddenly become third, with a game in hand and playing like title contenders.

On Sunday, Leeds gave United a lot of space at Old Trafford as he likes Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford were able to exploit. There are games when everything goes your way and this was one of them for United. They scored great goals, Scott McTominay was outstanding in midfield and clinically with his two chances. In such a form, United is capable of winning the league.

We should aim for that return the address to Old Trafford, especially in an unpredictable season when so much of the top is moving close to the top and when it’s so tight. The transition period will open soon, but, the way Manchester United attacked Leeds and Sheffield United, I wouldn’t say the Red Devils need to bring someone ahead. I still think they need a center, but don’t expect someone to come in next month.

United can pass the Leicester test on a boxing day

The boxing day match against second-placed Leicester is huge for United. The trip to King Power will be a real test of Solskjaer’s team and their qualifications for the title, especially since Leicester achieved this with an excellent victory away to Tottenham.

Still, Leicester is inconsistent and often loses when you least expect it. I’d love to see United accelerate momentum with a win at Leicester. If they win this then, oh God, they are others and have a game in hand. For many fans, Manchester United against Liverpool would be a dream title race.


It will be difficult in King Power. Brendan Rodgers is a smart tactician and Jamie Vardy is amazing at finding space. His finish is as sharp as ever and will test Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire, so I can see both teams scoring goals in a fun match.

I will bring my old team back to victory and keep feeling good. If they start with their right foot and don’t wait to go behind before they start playing, then I think United will win this. I want to see Olea smile full time and United close in the first place.

Spurs need consistency

The Spurs have dropped to sixth place in the table after two defeats, but they are not yet excluded from the title race. What happened Jose Mourinha the men over the past few weeks – with a draw at Crystal Palace, defeats against Liverpool and Leicester – shows you how the Premier League works.

If you lose concentration for a second, it can have devastating consequences for your season. Consistency is everything for title candidates. If you slip, it will take advantage of one of your rivals.

There is still a long way to go and no manager understands this better than Mourinho – a master who builds teams that can hone results. That’s exactly what they need to start doing right away, so this week’s match at the Wolves is massive for the Spurs.

It doesn’t matter how the Spurs win at Molineux, they just need to get back to north London with three points. They are playing with a team of Wolves that has progressed with their results, so if the Spurs are candidates for the title, they should win this. I would love to see them win 1-0 against the Wolves.

Guardiola has a right to say: “Don’t shoot from Arteta”

Arsenal are in real trouble, but I still think Mikel Arteta can turn things around in the Emirates. Last week, I said that Arteta deserved more time, but since then they have suffered two more defeats – albeit in tough away matches against Everton in the Premier League and last night’s Carabao Cup quarter-final against Manchester City.

Arteta Clapping 1280.jpg

They are artillerymen showing struggle on the field, but still do not play even close to the level required of them. Arteta is a young coach and it could be said that he was lucky to get the opportunity to manage Arsenal. I support such meetings because I know how difficult it is for young coaches to get a chance to show what they can do.

Arteta came to Arsenal at a difficult time for the club and he it takes more time to turn around. His old boss Pep Guardiola said that Arteta should not be fired and that I would not argue with Pep.

Arsenal must pick up quickly for their big boxing bout against Chelsea. Here I see a surprising result, the winners of the Gunners. Their luck has to change at some point and the London derby against the team they beat in last season’s FA Cup final could give them the motivation to pick up their game.