Where to buy a PS5: Everything you need to know to get a PlayStation 5

If you’ve had trouble achieving the PS5, you’re not alone. The console is now the fastest-selling in U.S. history, and Sony has trouble producing enough supply to meet demand – and Microsoft is facing the same problem with its Xbox X series S. Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart are among the main retailers that can’t keep them in stock – and their limited supply has frustrated and empty-handed many customers.

Although you will occasionally see a drop in PS5 stock in various stores that are selling out fast, PS5s $ 500 model with Blu-ray and cheaper Edition for the $ 400 digital edition only no optical drive out of stock at a larger retailer as of April 7th. Our advice is to wait, but if you’re willing to pay far above the price of the sticker, you can get a PlayStation 5 or PS5 package from a retailer like eBay or StockX.

In a few more months, we expect the PS5 offer to increase, and then you may regret spending $ 1,000 or more instead of waiting for it. For the latest updates on when retailers can drop out of stock and offer a gaming console for sale online, be sure to come back here often.

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You can independently monitor where the PS5 is available; Twitter, for example, is a good source of rumors about stock recovery. But we occasionally contact retailers and advisors directly about upcoming PlayStation 5 console stocks and update this post right away. Again, keep in mind: It will probably be months before something close to normal stock levels appear in stores, so purchasing your own PS5 will likely be a challenge by the summer at the earliest. Below you will find a list of all major retailers (and several high-profile retailers) where you can track inventory and availability.

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PS5 stock recovery options at major retailers

Use the button below to view Amazon’s $ 400 digital edition page or, if you like, enter the lineup for a $ 500 Blu-ray PS5.

When in stock, Target offers a PS5 with Blu-ray for $ 500, along with a PS5 digital edition, which you can find by clicking the button below.

You can check the availability of the $ 400 digital edition at Walmart by clicking the button below, or you can try to catch the more expensive $ 500 Blu-ray PS5.

When in stock, Best Buy offers a PS5 with Blu-ray for $ 500, along with a $ 400 Digital Edition (which you can find by clicking the button below). The retailer also offers a variety of add-ons on its PS5 landing page.

We don’t recommend spending more than retail to get a PS5, but if you currently need to have a console, eBay is your shortcut to getting a console. In this regard, expect to pay hundreds across the list; the average price of a PS5 on eBay is around $ 800.

If you’ve exhausted all the usual retail options and are willing to pay hundreds more than the price, you might want to check out StockX, the eBay alternative that got its name in the secondary market of sneakers and designer clothing. Last time we checked, PS5 prices were hovering just under $ 650. We don’t think it’s worth it, but let your conscience (and wallet) be your guide).

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