What we do in the shadows, the highlighting that comes on CW and HBO Max

There’s no news on when we’ll see season 3 of What We Do In The Shadows, but the selection of Wellington Paranormal could help wait.

What are we doing in the shadows is definitely one of the best sitcoms to come out in the last few years. Based on the 2014 film of the same name by Taik Waititi and Jemaine Clement, the FX series follows a group of vampires living on Staten Island, still stuck in their old world ways while modern life is long gone. The first two seasons shared things on the sidelines. The third is on the way, but it lasts longer than usual thanks to the coronavirus.

But there may be a way to make waiting more bearable. You see, What are we doing in the shadows the film had others spin-off, which many people do not know about: Wellington Paranormal, about several police officers accused of investigating an unusually large number of supernatural phenomena recorded in the city of New Zealand. Like foreign exchange What are we doing in the shadows to show Wellington Paranormal were developed by Waititi and Clement. Already in the third season, the show is broadcast on the New Zealand TV station TVNZ 2, but according to CBR, CW and HBO Max team up to bring him into the state.

Like his sister show, Wellington Paranormal is mockumentar, in this case with a Cops feel it. Here is the official synopsis:

WELLINGTON PARANORMAL follows the adventures of police officers O’Leary (Karen O’Leary, “What We Do in the Shadows”) and Minogue (Mike Minogue, “What We Do in the Shadows”), valuable paranormal members of the Wellington Armaments Unit under the supervision of a sergeant Maake (Maaka Pohatu, “Savage”) explores supernatural phenomena that occur surprisingly regularly in the capital of New Zealand.

The current plan is for the episodes to air on The CW and then be available on digital platforms supported by CW ads (The CW app and CWTV.com) as well as on HBO Max the next day. The only bad thing is that we have a date when all this will start. But if Wellington Paranormal is half as funny as What are we doing in the shadows – a movie or a show – I’d like to watch it now, please.

Shooting the film further What are we doing in the shadows season 3 officially began the second month. I hope that means we’ll see new episodes this year.

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