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Pixar’s new animated film, Soul, has a multiracial cast, including singers, comedians, and even some Hollywood newcomers. Like many Pixar classics, the voice actors for the metaphysical film are multi-talented, bringing a variety of skills to the screen. So who are the faces behind the colorful characters?

Soul, which premieres on December 25 at Disney +, has received widespread critical acclaim for its touching story and soundtrack that is both electronic and jazz, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross with Jon Batista on jazz arrangements. The film should go down in history as the first Pixar film with black lead and mostly black characters, which is a major milestone in the company’s efforts to become more diverse. The film embraces black culture and artists, casting Hollywood star Jamie Foxx along with jazz drummer Questlove.

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Soul follows the journey of Joe Gardner (Foxx), an ambitious jazz musician and music teacher, as he falls into the afterlife. In one of Pixar’s most effective stories, Joe arrives in “The Great Beyond” right after making a big breakthrough on the jazz music scene. Just given a chance at life, Joe jumps off the boat and arrives at “The Great Before,” a kind of limbo in which souls wait to be transferred to newborn babies. There he meets 22, an indifferent soul who has trouble discovering his spark. Together they flee to Earth and gain a new perspective on life.

Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardner

Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardner Soul

Soul’s protagonist Joe Gardner advertises triple threat Jamie Foxx, actor, singer and comedian best known for roles in Django Unchained and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.. Foxx has earned critical acclaim for his work, winning an Oscar, a BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe Award. In addition to acting, Foxx has produced four well-received albums and appeared in them Annie, the second film adaptation of a Broadway musical.

Tina Fey Kao 22

Tina Fey as 22 souls

Comedian Tina Fey, known for her work on Saturday Night Live,, 30 Rock i Bad girls, voices 22, a soul with a cynical outlook on life. Fey’s 22 has been trying for decades to find passion without success, unable to escape from the Great before and move on and settle a newborn. As a comedian, Fey will bring a bit of honesty and wit to the role.

Phylicia Rashad As Libba Gardner

Phylicia Rashad as Libba Gardner Soul

Phylicia Rashad, known for her role in Cosby Show, recently appeared as a grandmother and storyteller in Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. In Soul, Rashad takes on the domestic role again, expressing Libba Gardner, Joe ‘s mother. Rashad’s energy and charisma will surely steal the scenes.

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Daveed Diggs as Paul

Daveed Diggs as Paul Soul

Daveed Diggs from Hamilton the fame reads Paul, Joe’s freelancer in Queens. Diggs achieved national recognition when he was voted Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette in the Tony Award-winning musical Hamilton. After the show,, Diggs wrote and starred in the acclaimed film Blindspotting. He has also appeared on TV shows Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt i Black-ish, and did the voice work for BoJack Horseman, Bob’s Burgers i Central Park. He will set the vote for Sebastian Little siren.

Angela Bassett as Dorothea Williams

Angela Basset as Dorothea Williams Soul

Television and film actress Angela Bassett gives her voice to Dorothea Williams, a famous jazz musician and saxophonist. Bassett began her acting career early, appearing for the first time in a minor role Cosby Show In 1984, Bassett has since appeared as Ramonda in Black panther i Avengers: Endgame, as in Mission: Impossible – Fallout and in TV shows An American horror story and a major role in 9-1-1.

Quests like curly

Questlove like a curly soul

Graham Norton as Moonwind

Graham Norton as Moonwind Soul

Graham Norton, an Irish comic known in the UK for his long series of shows, Ton Graham Norton Show, voices of Moonwind. Not much is known about Norton’s character other than a brief description of the actor. Norton described Moonwind on Twitter as a “spiritual whirlpool of signs”.

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Rachel House As Terry

Rachel House as Terry Soul

Richard Ayoade as Jerry’s advisor

Richard Ayoade as Jerry soul

English comedian Richard Ayoade gives voice to Jerry Soul, a counselor for existence in the Great Past. Ayoade’s early work includes British comedy in the workplace Ton IT Crowd. He later appeared on TV shows Dangerous mouse i Strange Hill High. Ayoade also did voice work for Mandalorian i LEGO Movie 2: Part Two.

Soul supporting characters

Donnell Rawlings as Dez – Rawling, who plays one of Joe’s friends Soul, a stand-up comic is known on Comedy Central and Netflix. He has also recently appeared in movies Hollyweed i Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

June Squibb as Gerel – Squibb is an Oscar-nominated theater and film actress known for her role in the film About Schmidt. She also had supporting roles in several films from the 1990s.

Esther Chae as Miho – Chae has appeared on TV shows NCIS, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, West Wing i ER.

Cora Champommier as Connie – Champommier will enter Hollywood with her role Soul.

Margo Hall as Melba – Hall is a theater actress who also appeared in movies Blindspotting i All day and night.

Rhodessa Jones as Lulu – Jones has appeared in short films Ay Jose! i Does not work, as well as Nocturnal Jake.

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Peggy Flood as Marge – Flood is primarily a voice actress known for her roles in movies Deja vu,, Fog i Shooter.

Jeannie Tirado as Chief Arroyo – Tirado is a voice actress known for her roles in anime shows Promised neverland i Orange, as well as a video game Doom Eternal.

Dorian Lockett as Dorian – Lockett has expressed characters in several sports video games, and has also appeared on TV shows The walking dead i 13 reasons.

Elisapie Isaac as Miali – Isaac is known for an animated film The legend of Sarila.

Marcus Shelby as Ray Gardner – Shelby is a composer who will start acting for the first time Soul.

Avery Kidd Waddell as Muhammed Ali – In addition to roles in comedy films, Waddell has voiced roles in dozens of video games New guy i Questions.

Ochuwa Oghie as Dancerstar – Oghie was a voice actress Black panther and also had supporting roles in a TV show Grey’s Anatomy and film Touch.

Cathy Cavadini as Dreamerwind – Cavadini is a well-informed voice actress known for her role as Blossom in Cartoon Network Powerpuff Girls, which can also be heard in animated TV shows Kidd Video i Jemand a series of films American tail.

Ronnie Del Carmen as Windstar – Del Carmen is a Pixar careerist who worked on a story for animated hits Finding Nemo, Ratatouille i Upand who directed it Inside Out.

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Alice Braga as a soul counselor in the Great Past – Braga is a Brazilian actress who is best known in the United States for her roles in movies I’m a legend, Rite, Elysium. She received it this year New mutants. She will also appear in Suicide Squad 2021

Wes Studied as a soul counselor in the Great Past – Studi is a longtime Hollywood star who appeared in movies from the 1990s Dancing with wolves i The last of the Mohicans. Recently, Studi was inserted The call of the wilderness i Avatar.

Fortune Feimster as a soul counselor in the Great Past – Feimster is a stand-up comic that has emerged Conan i Late Night with Seth Meyers Show as well as on Netflix and Comedy Central. She is known for TV shows Chelsea lately, The Mindy Project i Champions.

Zenobia Shroff as a soul counselor in the Great Past – Shroff, who started in Mumbai, has since achieved international recognition for her roles in films Great Sick i Resident, and continued to appear on TV shows Madam Secretary. In 2021, it will appear in Disney + Mrs. Marvel.

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Sakina Jaffrey as a doctor – Jaffrey is a New York-born actress known for TV shows House of Cards, Mindy project i Mr. Robot.

Calum Grant as a hedge fund manager – Grant appeared in disaster movies Ever since the world ended i San Andreas.

Laura Mooney as a therapy cat lady – Mooney will take her to Hollywood with a role Soul.

Doris Burke as a basketball announcer – Burke is a voice actor primarily known for his work in a series of video games based on basketball.

Jason Pace as a broker – Pace is a prolific voice actor who has had roles in Hollywood hits Black panther, guardians of the galaxy, sing, happy feet i Finding Dory.

Soul debuts at Disney + on Friday, December 25th.

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