What streams this Christmas, Netflix reviews and more

It’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for all year: Christmas! This Christmas may look a little different than last year. Upstairs, that means we’re going to air big successful movies like The Wonderful Woman 1984 and Pixarov Soul from the comfort of our couch today – today there is no need to find a parking lot in a crowded cinema. But if you’re looking for something a little more formal than any of these new releases, that’s fine too. Netflix has a host of new movies and series, and there are a handful of classics streaming across multiple platforms. Pleasant with your new gifts and holiday fun this Christmas, you deserve to relax!

For the entire holiday season, Decider hid several bundles of holiday merriment under our Jingle Binge page. Every review, essay, list or interview with a holiday topic is waiting for you there. But here is every Christmas article, organized for your enjoyment of streaming Yuletide. And if you’ve already worked hard through the Christmas offers for 2020, take a look at Decider’s review of last year’s holidays. Remember when Knight before Christmas came out? I feel like before.

We won LEGO Star Wars holiday specialties this year, great new Christmas musicals, and even Netflix’s new holiday rom-com series. There is a lot of content to watch you during the New Year. Christmas 2021 can’t come soon!

Here’s a list of all the Decider team’s holiday content – and see you next year for more Christmas extras.

Netflix Christmas content

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Christmas streaming guides

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Reviews of Christmas movies and TV shows

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  • California Christmas: Stream it or skip: ‘California Christmas’ on Netflix, another love affair from Josh Swickard from the farm
  • A Christmas tree grows in Colorado: Download it or skip it: ‘Christmas tree grows in Colorado’ on Hallmark, a rested Romcom that is enough to address online privacy
  • Alien Xmas: Download or skip: ‘Alien Xmas’ on Netflix, an animated special about ET’s earth and Christmas accidents
  • Angelina’s Christmas wish: Stream it or skip: ‘Angelina’s Christmas Wish’ on Netflix, a shocking animated Christmas spinoff from “Angelina’s Ashes”
  • Black Christmas:Download or skip: ‘Black Christmas’ on HBO, a neo-feminist approach to the old school scissors
  • Christmas Chronicles: Part 2: Download or skip: ‘Christmas Chronicles: Part Two’ on Netflix turns Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn into holiday icons
  • Christmas house: Skip or skip: ‘Christmas House’ at Hallmark is the best holiday film of the year
  • On Christmas Wheels: Fill or skip: ‘Christmas on wheels’ for life, a holiday romcom that never hits the fuel
  • Christmas tree: Download or skip: ‘Christmas Tree Trail’ in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is exactly what you want from one of these films
  • Christmas unwrapped: Translate or skip: “Christmas Unpacked” Amber Stevens West as a reporter without a holiday spirit
  • Christmas with darling: Stream it or Skip: ‘Christmas with a sweetheart’ at Hallmark is a holiday treat (with a bit of homosexual spice!)
  • Dance Dreams: A nutcracker with hot chocolate: Stream it or skip: ‘Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker’ on Netflix, a document about Debbie Allen Dance Academy and their biggest annual production
  • Dash & Lily: Review of “Dash & Lily”: A Christmas rom-com for which grinches will also fall
  • Dash & Lily: Download or skip: ‘Dash & Lily’ on Netflix, a Christmas series in which two teenagers fall in love via a notebook
  • Dashing in Christmas: Stream or skip: ‘Dashing in December’ on Paramount Network, the Gay Cowboy Christmas Romance you’ve been waiting for
  • Merry Christmas: Stream it or Skip: ‘Merry Christmas’ at Lifetime Stars Melissa Joan Hart as American # 1 Podcaster
  • Christmas Dolly Parton in the square: Download or skip: ‘Christmas Dolly Parton in the Square’ on Netflix is ​​here to save Christmas
  • Musical Grinch dr. Seussa!: Stream or skip: ‘Dr. Seuss ‘The Grinch Musical!’ On NBC, where Matthew Morrison plays a green guy who hates Christmas
  • Fatman: Download or skip: ‘Fatman’ on VOD, in which Mel Gibson plays a tired and fragile Santa Claus
  • Happy NaviDAD: Stream or skip: ‘Feliz NaviDAD’ proves for life that Mario Lopez is the Christmas MVP
  • Godmothered: Stream or skip: ‘Godmothered’ on Disney +, tongues on cheek on ‘Enchanted’ with Fairy Godfather
  • The happiest season: Magazine ‘The Happiest Season’: Lesbian Rom-Com Kristen Stewart brings the best film gift for 2020
  • The happiest season: Pour over or skip: ‘The Happiest Season’ on Hulu is an unusual Christmas miracle
  • Holiday home makeover with Mr. Christmas: Stream it or Skip: ‘Holiday home makeover with Mr. Christmas’ on Netflix is ​​Holly Jolly ‘Queer Eye’
  • Holiday movies that created us: Stream it or skip: ‘Holiday movies that created us’ on Netflix, see two modern holiday favorites behind the scenes
  • Holidate: Download or skip: ‘Holidate’ on Netflix Is TV-MA a Romcom we never knew we needed
  • Holly & Ivy: Download or skip: ‘Holly & Ivy’ on Hallmark Movies & Mystery will make you cry Christmas tears
  • Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey: Download or skip: ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’ on Netflix, a holiday musical about the magic of math
  • Last Christmas: Download or skip: ‘Last Christmas’ on HBO, in which Emilia Clarke works hard to save the cheesy holiday gap
  • LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special: Download or skip: ‘LEGO Star Wars Special Day’ at Disney +, a solemn journey through the past of Star Wars
  • The magical Christmas special Mariah Carey: Download or skip: ‘Magic Mariah Carey Christmas Special’ on Apple TV +, a confusing and enchanting holiday treat
  • My gift: a Christmas special from Carrie Underwood: Stream or skip: ‘My Gift: Christmas Special by Carrie Underwood’ on HBO Max, a pleasantly perfect Christmas special
  • Never kiss a man in a Christmas sweater: Stream it or Skip: ‘Never kiss a man in a Christmas sweater’ at Hallmark, a cute movie with a silly title
  • 12. Christmas: Stream or Skip: ‘On the 12th Date of Christmas’ at Hallmark finally recognizes importance of hunting trash
  • Operation Christmas Cap: Download or skip: ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ on Netflix, a holiday film about a true military tradition
  • Peppermint: Stream or skip: ‘Peppermint’ on Netflix, Jennifer Garner doesn’t need a pseudonym as a vigilant mom on a revenge killing mission
  • Princess Switch: Switched Again: Stream or skip: ‘Princess Switch: on again’ on Netflix triples Vanessa Hudgens

Where to pour Christmas movies

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Classic Christmas content

The best Christmas movies ever-
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Holiday interviews

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