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The Viking survival game Valheim has become a success on Steam, but it has one fatal flaw, the “bug that destroys the world”. Here’s how to avoid it.

Valheim is a Viking survival game, recently launched via Steam Early Access. Players control a fallen Viking warrior who is taken to a wild realm in the afterlife to free himself from the kingdoms of monsters and beasts that roam freely through his landscapes. They have to constantly gather resources for forging Valheimthe best weapon and armor that has a chance against these enemies. But something is spreading more and more Valheim it’s even scarier than any chief developer of Iron Gate AB could throw at players: a bug that breaks the game known as Valheimis “the world’s destructive error.”

The mistake can be fatal for anyone playing the Nordic survival game. It will completely erase the progress and characters of the players, forcing them to start all over again, no matter how far Valheimcampaign they were. Such survival games in a cooperative can last for weeks or even months. The mistake of the world destroyer could make all that work disappear in an instant, which would be enough for most players to give up Valheim in general.

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The fatal flaw of the game was only recently discovered, and Iron Gate confirmed its existence. Little is known about what causes it, and it still poses a danger Valheim at the time of writing. Here’s everything players need to know about how ValheimThe world’s devastating bug works, how to avoid it and what Iron Gate is doing to fix it.

Bug, the destroyer of the world from Valheim: How it works

Valheim Troll

CEO of Iron Gate Richard Svensson on Twitter on Feb. 12 to confirm that the world’s devastating mistake is real, warning fans to be careful with their saved data. He told the players to back up their progress because “the evil bug destroyer of the world is still in roaming for free, “as if one of Valheimthere are many bosses. Since then, neither Svensson nor Iron Gate have provided any updates on the potential fix, and that’s because the team has a hard time understanding what is causing the start.

In the same Twitter version, Svensson explained that the developer is struggling to narrow down what could be causing the error. Iron Gate has failed to re-create the problem, but Svensson suspects players are closing Valheim using the Windows command on the keyboard, Alt + F4, could be subject to deleting their progress. He urged users to avoid using a shortcut and manually exit the game instead, but is there a way to completely avoid the bug that is destroying the world?

Bug, the destroyer of the world from Valheim: How to avoid it

The player finds a sea snake in Valheim

Unfortunately, due to the elusive nature of this error, Iron Gate and users could not find a safe way to avoid the world’s destroyer bug. That said, players can listen to Svensson’s advice and exit the game by first opening his menu and then clicking Exit. For now, that is only possible preventively. Valheim users should also back up their game data to make sure it is never threatened with their complete deletion. Back up your file Valheim data can be executed in a few simple steps:

  1. Hold down the Windows key and press the R key to open a command prompt.
  2. Type “%appdata%“and press Enter to continue.
  3. Open “AppData“folder displayed at the top of the search bar.
  4. Click to open “LocalLow“folder.
  5. Click to open “Iron Gate“folder.
  6. Copy and paste “Valheim“to your computer desktop or to a separate file.
  7. If he is the victim of the error of the destroyer of the world, to erase the damaged “Valheim“and replace it with the copied folder, then start the game.

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Note that this backup procedure will only preserve data found in “Valheim“at the time it is duplicated. Valheim will not continuously save data to the copied folder, so players will need to back up their game each time they finish playing to make sure no progress is lost. If a world destroyer error hits a player during a game session for which they have not yet made a backup, all progress from that session will be lost and they will have to load their latest backup if they do not want to start fresh.

Bug, Valheim World-Destroyer: When will this be fixed?

The player enters his base in Valheim

Currently, Iron Gate has not given a time schedule for the tub ValheimThe world’s destroyer error could be corrected. But despite the mistakes “free roam“At this point, Svensson’s tweets should be an assurance that Iron Gate gave priority to developing a correction for that. That was the only problem Valheim that Svensson has ever addressed the public publicly, suggesting that this is at the top of the developer’s mind and could easily be incorporated into one of the game’s upcoming updates.

Valheim is still exclusively available on Steam via Early Access, which means it’s still underway that Iron Gate is constantly improving. The developer released a patch for his debut title on February 10, which improved his stealth fight and balanced the annoying enemy that was creating problems for the players. Since the game is not yet finalized, players should expect many more patches in the coming weeks and months Valheim leaves Steam Early Access somewhere in the future. Svensson will most likely inform his followers on Twitter after the error of the world destroyer is resolved, based on the way he has solved the problem so far.

Iron Gate Project it is still in its infancy, and hiccups like the world’s destroyer bug are a natural part of bringing Valheimare procedurally created worlds for life. The game was released early for more than a million fans, many of whom provided constructive reviews for the developers, so they didn’t expect perfection from the start. Still, it’s unfortunate that such a lengthy game could inadvertently erase a player’s progress. Until the repair is carried over, players will have to move on Valheim with caution.

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Source: Richard Svensson / Twitter

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