‘We’ve invested so much in Nigeria’ – Yoruba elders give up Igboho over secession demands

Kunle Olajide, secretary general of the Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE), says Sunday Adeyemo, the Yoruba youth leader popularly known as Sunday Igboho, does not represent the Yoruba people in his call for secession.

Igboho said recently Yoruba is no longer part of Nigeria, inviting people of the ethnic group residing in the north to return home.

Speaking to TheCable on Wednesday, Olajide said Nigeria will be stronger if it stays as a unit.

He said that the Yoruba people had invested so much in the formation and unity of Nigeria and that it would be unreasonable to seek secession.

Olajide said: “It is his (Igboho’s) personal wish, but the current circumstances in our nation are not conducive and will not make it achievable, as is the fact that the Yorubas have invested so much in the unity of this country and in the creation of Nigeria. The tribe cannot decide to give up without any adequate plans.

“I am not aware that the Yoruba nation or citizenship has given a mandate to anyone to want them extinct from this country. So it is not a decision that can be made by an individual or a group of individuals.

“Anyone familiar with the history of Nigeria will know that we have been together for more than 100 years, even before the British came and we have Yoruba all over the country, just as we have other Nigerians everywhere.

“It’s not something you can call a Fiat. In any case, our diversity in this country and our population are our strengths. The fragmentation and fragmentation of this country cannot be in anyone’s best interest. “


Olajide said the Yoruba people are angry about the “ethnocentric” administration of Muhammad Bukhari.

However, he noted that the ethnic group remains part of the country.

“Yes, we are all angry, especially the Yoruba nation, because of the ethnocentric nature of the current administration, which seems extremely insensitive to cries of maginalization from all parts of this country. “Whatever the hidden agenda, it will surely fail,” he said.

“But we are still part of this federal government that we are so against because of the way it is run. The vice president is a Yoruba man, we have ministers and governors, so I don’t think anyone can ignore those Yoruba leaders and continue to make a statement that is not in the interest of the Yoruba nation and Nigeria in general. “

Olayide called on Igboho “and some of those who believe in him to be patient.”


Igboho also said that Yoruba monarchs and elders stood behind him in his quest for secession.

But the YCE secretary general said there was no platform on which traditional rulers met with Igboho.

Olajide argued that although Igboho has the right to pursue any goal he desires as an “adult,” he cannot speak on behalf of the entire Yoruba people.

“Igboho is an adult, he is not a teenager, so it would be wrong to believe that he does not know the country in which he is,” he said.

“I talked to him once or twice on the phone, but he is completely free to make a decision. But to do it on behalf of the whole Yoruba, what I seriously blame, is wrong.

“I read his stories in the media and saw him on television and social media, but I’m not aware that such a meeting was held.”