We will force the NDDC to carry out its mandates – Tunji-Ojo

NDDC House Committee

Chairman of the House Committee for the NDDC, the Honorable Judge Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo assured that the NDDC will have to carry out its mandates to the inhabitants of the Niger Delta.

Tunji-Ojo gave this assurance on Friday during a surveillance tour of the headquarters of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and other project sites in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Speaking during the visit, Tunji-Ojo said that the House Committee has decided to work with the Commission’s management team and other critical stakeholders to address the long-standing issue of abandoned projects facing the NDDC.

Tunji-Ojo also assured that the committee is ready to give impetus to the NDDC to establish a mechanism to alleviate the worrying issue of abandoned projects plaguing the Niger Delta region.

It therefore noted that the Board concluded that the NDDC must award contracts only to suppliers with capacity.

“This is an additional measure to mitigate the failure of the contract and improve the value-added service for the Niger Delta region.”

During the visit, the MP further stated that the revision and implementation of the Niger Delta Master Plan had long been needed and therefore called on all key stakeholders to jointly review, implement and submit the NDDC Master Plan for effective implementation.

He also presented comprehensive amendments to the NDDC Establishment Act for processing activities of the commission. Tunji-Ojo also suggested that only a subsection of the NDDC Act should be amended to avoid publicity asks questions and performs the exercise in accordance with world best practices to ensure better efficiency in service delivery.

In his response, the NDDC’s only interim administrator, Effiong Okon Akwa, said the established position that only contractors with capacity should win contracts and the proposed revision of the Commission’s master plan were good ideas. He also supported the need to amend the Law on the Establishment of the NDDC to ensure the appointment of a competent and capable project director.

Okon Akwa also appealed to members of the NDDC House Committee to forgive members of the Commission for past injustices. He also advocated for a strong working relationship between the members of the NDDC House Committee and the commission’s leadership.

Meanwhile, Tunji-Ojo assured that the House of Representatives Committee o The NDDC will continue to provide the necessary legislative support to ensure the physical and developmental development of the Niger Delta region.