We want the government to negotiate, not to use force on bandits – parents – television channels

A parent of two abducted students at the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, Kaduna State, says he and other parents want the government to negotiate with the bandits and not use force to ensure the release of the students.

Sani Friday, who is also a representative of the affected parents, revealed this on Thursday during an interview on Channels Television’s breakfast program, Sunrise Daily.

He said the parents demanded action from the state and the federal government instead of the long silence they witnessed.

“We want the government to do something. They do not negotiate; they did not set up any machinery to release the students.

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“The best way we want the government to do that is, first of all, negotiation. If they want to take security measures, it should be after this, ”he said Friday.

The parent expressed fear because of the government’s plan to use force to save the victims. According to Friday, this could be catastrophic.

“One of the fears we have is that if the government feels it can use force to take these children out, it will be a disastrous move because these bandits are well equipped and may decide to eliminate the children if they find the government wants to use force on them.” He added.

The students were abducted from their homes on Thursday, March 11, 2021, at around 11:00 PM, by armed men who broke into the college dressed in military uniforms.

Meanwhile, families, students and lecturers of 39 students began a peaceful gathering and prayed for the victims.

Exactly two weeks after the abduction, the students have yet to be released into a situation that the affected families are worried about.

The gathering and prayers are held in the premises of the college in Afaka, Kaduna state.

Parents, students and staff first visit the mosque where some students and their staff led the prayer.

Later, they moved to the faculty chapel and prayed for the safe return of the students.