We are still lobbying colleagues for Buhari’s recall

Written by Mike Odiegwu, Port Harcourt

The leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) parliamentary groups in the House of Representatives, Kingsley Chinda, said on Wednesday that he and others had sensitized their colleagues in the National Assembly to initiate recall proceedings against President Muhammad Buhari.

Chinda insisted she would not apologize to anyone for calling for Bukhari’s removal.

He said they also talked to Nigerians to put pressure on their representatives in the National Assembly to start the process.

Chinda, who represents the Obio- / Akpor Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, spoke at Nigeria Info, 92.3FM in Port Harcourt.

He said house leader Alhassan Ado Doguwa was wrong to threaten him with punishment for referring to his stance on Bukhari, adding that comments from Doguwa ridiculed the house.

He said: “I do not owe anyone an apology for calling for the recall of Mr. President. The leader of the House said that I was speaking on my own behalf, and not on the board of the PDP.

“I don’t know who he (Doguwa) is in contact with. The PDP also announced that this is the position of the party, and as the spokesperson of the PDP in the House, the position of the PDP in the House should be withdrawn. Why would a majority leader who is experienced in parliamentary affairs dance naked in public?

Hon. Chinda also said the party sensitized members of the House as well as Nigerians to advocate for the recall of the president.

“We are talking to our colleagues. We are also talking to Nigerians and asking Nigerians to talk to their representatives. Not what you want. If the people the leader of the House represents in Cannes gather and tell him (Doguwa) that we want you to sign this notice of revocation, we are in support, he has no right to do otherwise.

“Even where, as an individual, he is against, except that he obeys the wishes of those who elected him, and that is what we do. We talk to Nigerians; we talk to our colleagues. When we are done with that, of course we will present a notice of revocation. If it flies, fine. If that doesn’t happen, there is no problem, it is democracy, “he added.

Chinda said Bukhari ruled incompetent to manage the country’s security.

He said: “That the president did not abide by the provisions of Article 11 (4) of the Constitution. Section 14 (2), especially B. The primary responsibility of any government is the safety of life and property of the people.

“The government has failed miserably in this regard. What should we do? We called on the president to remove the heads of services and then bring in new people, perhaps for new ideas if that would improve the situation. He is the commander-in-chief, the majority stopping at his desk. “