Watch the White Stripes play “We’ll Be Friends” in a 2003 school room [Video]

In October 2003 White stripes stood at the top of their game in the upcoming garage stone revision, the duo flew to New Zealand to perform in FreemanBay’s Elementary School Auckland. Found a set of seven songs Jack i Meg White reduce their overloaded, simplistic rock style to something more appropriate for young children, and yet captivating enough to hold their attention.

How many of these children knew they were in the presence of threatening rock members remains unclear, but the astonished attention of young children testifies to the band’s ability to entertain any audience. On Thursday, The White Stripes shared recordings of the band’s 2003 performance of “Going To Be Friends” in Freeman’s Bay.

Recorded in the quality of video that might be expected from a ballet recital in elementary school, the shaky, grainy video emerges like an amateur video of Bigfoot or a UFO. There they are, White Stripes, playing in a room full of school children sitting quietly in their arms, but it’s so hard to believe it’s real. With the appropriate didy Jack White “back to school, ring”, the simplified number comes as Beatles for babies record. Dressed in their red-and-white costume trademarks and framed, as always in a chalky-white skin tone, it is certainly not a predetermined conclusion that the performance from the White Stripes was the strangest set these children had had all year.

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Watch The White Stripes perform “We’ll Be Friends” in front of a room full of schoolchildren in New Zealand back in 2003.

White stripes – “We will be friends” – Auckland, New Zealand – 10 /? / 03

[Video: The White Stripes]