Watch The Offspring’s surreal video for ‘Let the Bad Times Go’

SoCal punk icons The Offspring explore modern life through a surreal lens in their video for “Let Bad Times Roll”. The song, which fell last month, represents the lead single and title track on the band’s upcoming album.

In the increasingly bizarre video, teenagers are attacked by cell phones, screen savers and a spiky, animated virus.

Release on April 16, Let the bad times roll marks the tenth studio album of The Offspring and their first LP in almost a decade (after 2012 The days go by). As shown in their latest video, Let the bad times roll they certainly won’t find a band running away from current materials – and they definitely won’t leave them as they leave their cheeky, punk-rock roots.

Commenting on the meaning behind the song, frontman Dexter Holland said, “I feel like we’re in a unique period in history where instead of our world leaders saying‘ we’re doing our best ’it’s more like saying‘ f__k and it’s really scary. ”

Guitarist Noodles added, “People say, if everything goes to hell, maybe we’d make the most of it, or at least come out swinging. ‘Let the bad times roll!’ ”

Speaking with NME in a recent interview, Holland offered details of the band’s planned album. “This is a special record. When you make a bunch of records, you’re trying to figure out how not to repeat yourself, and on our last few records – Rise and fall,, Anger and mercy i The days go by – we felt it was time to broaden our horizons. For this one it felt like it was time to get back to more punk records. ”

He continued, “As for the lyrics, we mostly try not to get too involved in politics, but these last few years have been extraordinary, it’s almost like‘ how can we not comment on that? “So some of the themes of what’s going on in America are definitely part of this record.”

Let the bad times roll is available April 16. Subscribe it here.