Warner Bros. believes that theaters will continue to exist in 2023

Warner Bros. he fluttered his feathers when he announced that he would be releasing all of his 2021 new films on HBO Max at the same time, but the company seems to be betting that theaters won’t become an apocalyptic wasteland. Diversity reports that the company plans to publish Furious, a sign for Max Max: Fury Road, i Purple colour for the first time in theaters in 2023.

Warner’s plan to launch movies online next year is a great thing for consumers who would rather stay home than risk being infected with a deadly virus to, say, see Godzilla Kong. But the plan immediately created enemies for some Hollywood veterans. Director Christopher Nolan called HBO Max “the worst streaming service” and accused Warner Bros. that he had not told anyone about his plan just 90 minutes before it was published.

Despite Warner’s rosy view of the theater’s existence, the signs on their markets may not look the same until 2023. AMC has warned investors that it will run out of money in mid-January if it can’t find $ 750 million.