WAEC retains 5,548 results due to exam abuse

Figure 24. High school student in the government, Fadan Kaje, Zankwa in the area of ​​local self-government in southern Kaduna, taking the West African High School Certificate Exam (WASSCE) 2020, in Kaduna on Monday (17/8/20).
04378/17/8/2020 / Ibrahim Bashir / BJO / NAN

The results of 5,548 candidates who participated in the Second Series of West African High School School Examinations (WASSCE) in 2020 for private candidates were retained due to various cases of abuse.

Mr Patrick Areghan, head of the National Office (HNO), the West African Examination Council (WAEC), the organizers of the exam, revealed this by announcing the publication of the test results on Monday in Lagos.

The WAEC chief also noted that of the 61,509 candidates who took the exam, a total of 61,111, representing 99.35 percent, had the results fully processed and published.

He said that for the results of the other 398, representing 0.65 per cent, several of their cases are still being processed due to some errors traceable to the candidates.

According to him, the cases are being investigated and the report on the investigations will be presented to the relevant Committee of the Council, in time to be determined.

He noted that the committee’s decision would then be communicated directly to the affected candidates.

Giving further analysis of the results, Areghan stated that 61,509 candidates sat on the exam at 540 centers across the country.

According to him, the number is down from 66,375 entry digits for 2019 for the same exam.

He added that the decline in the entry figure for the observed year could be attributed to the negative impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

According to him, efforts are being made to complete the processing quickly in order to enable all affected candidates to have their results fully processed and subsequently published.

“Analysis of candidate performance statistics shows that out of 61,509 candidates who took the exam, 31,751 of them acquired creditworthiness and more from at least five subjects, with or without English language and / or mathematics.

”A total of 24,491 other candidates have acquired more than at least five subjects, including English and mathematics.

“Of this number, 12,040, representing 49.16 percent, are male candidates, while 12,451 others representing 50.84 percent of candidates.

”The percentage of candidates in this category at WASSCE for private candidates, 2018 and 2019, ie those who obtained credit and more in at least five subjects, including English language and mathematics, was 35.99 and 35.10 percent, respectively .

“Thus, there has been a slight increase in performance in this regard by 4.72 per cent,” he said.

According to Areghan, the number of candidates who have five points, including English and math, may not necessarily be the basis for assessing exam performance levels.

“That’s because the review is more or less corrective. Some candidates may only need one or two papers, other than English or math, to correct their admission shortcomings, ”he said.

Speaking further, HNO added that a total of 101 candidates with different degrees of special needs applied for the exam.

He said that 39 were visually impaired, 15 had impaired hearing, 10 albino, one spastic sperm was mentally disturbed, and 36 was physically damaged.

Areghan stated that these candidates were adequately taken care of in the administration, adding that the results of these candidates were also processed and published, along with the results of other candidates.

The head of WAEC further reminded the candidates that the collection of certificates for WASSCE for private candidates will be based on an online request, through the Electronic Certificate Management System platform.

He invited candidates who took the exam to feel free to check the details of their performance on the council’s website.