Video: Jon Favreau and Pedro Pascal leave “Behind the Scenes” of “Mandalorian” as AFI Honorary Awards

Second season Mandalorian it may have ended a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean we’re still not incredibly curious about how series creator and show host Jon Favreau and his team revived the hit hit TV show Star Wars live on Disney +

For this reason, we highly recommend watching the next two new videos featuring Favreau and Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal as they accept the American Film Institute Award for the AFI Awards and then smash the “Dragon Attack Krayt” action from the premiere episode of the second season of “Marshall” from the second season.

See how Pedro Pascal represents the Mandalorian | AFI Awards:

What’s happening:

  • The American Film Institute and its prestigious AFI awards are celebrating Mandalorian with new content starring actor Pedro Pascal (Din Djarin) and series creator and show host Jon Favreau.
  • In a one-minute video introduction, Pascal describes the excitement of working on the Mandalorian and the honor of being chosen as the winner of the AFI Award.
  • Then, in a fascinating five-minute turn of the scene from the premiere episode of the second season of “Marshall,” Favreau provides an audio commentary describing how Lucasfilm’s film process revived the series and how the revolutionary visual effects of Industrial Light & Magic created the Star Wars world.

Watch Mandalorian: Jon Favreau in the surprise finale of Season 2:

What they say:

  • American Film Institute: “MANDALORAC shows us the way. Jon Favreau and his visionary collaborators prove the power of STAR WARS to thrive beyond the Skywalker saga. Located far, far away from the central battle between good and evil, this intoxicating adventure expands the galaxy with a heroic purpose and a narrative that decays completely. In these dark times, “Baby Yoda” and this larger found family of icons shine with warm, laser light to prove that the Force will be with us – always. “
  • AFI: “In memory of each of the AFI AWARDS recipients, Audi has created the AFI AWARDS Audi Scholarship Initiative by awarding scholarships on behalf of women and BIPOC Fellows at the AFI Conservatory – for a total contribution of $ 250,000. Congratulations to Augusto Garcia, Cinematographer, winner of Audi’s AFI AWARDS Scholarship on behalf of AFI AWARDS Honoree THE MANDALORIAN. “

The first two seasons Mandalorian are available for streaming exclusively on Disney +.