Vanessa Bryant calls Meek Mill’s ‘Insensitive’ lyrics to Kobe Bryant, fans explode

The world mourned the death of Kobe Bryant last year, countless people who wanted to pay tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers legend in any way. Vanessa Bryant has always encouraged honors and messages, often sharing them on her own Instagram account. However, not all gifts were delicious. Vanessa recently nicknamed Meek Mill because she disagreed with the lyrics of a song the latter wrote about the late NBA icon.

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Vanessa Bryant on the song Meek Mill RIP Kobe

“Yes, and if I ever miss it, I go out with my helicopter, it will be another Kobe,” Mill’s text says. The song ‘Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe)’ has not been released and will feature Lil Baby. Many on social media considered the lyrics of the song Meek Mill Kobe insensitive, with which Vanessa Bryant seemed to agree.

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Vanessa wrote on Instagram, letting Mill know that she considered the lyrics disrespectful. The texts have been debated since last week, and were only recently shared by Vanessa. “Dear @meekmill, I find this line extremely insensitive and disrespectful. Period,” Vanessa Bryant wrote in the IG story. “I’m not familiar with any of your music, but I believe you can do it better. If you’re a fan, okay, there’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband. There’s a lack of respect and tact here.”

Fans agreed with Vanessa, already criticizing Mill’s words.

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The 33-year-old rapper may have indirectly responded to all the criticism. “Someone promotes a narrative and you all follow it …. not all internet crazes can stop me,” he wrote in one tweet, while another called out people for paying for influence. However, his comments may not have related to the same situation.

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(Image Credit: Kobe Bryant Instagram, AP)