Valorant programs want to make changes to the submission system, but not any time soon

According to the latest questions and answers posted by the developers, Valorant could witness a change in the in-game surrender system, however, not soon.

The official release also confirms that the main focus of the developers at the moment are issues related to the smurfs and AFK players who mourn in Valorant.

However, the developers also intend to work on the handover system and make it a better experience for players, just not at the moment. The official report states,

“While we don’t see a direct problem with getting a sort of buffer between votes, not just one done, we’ll be honest and say this isn’t at the top of our to-do list for now we’ll review and see if this makes sense, but there are still no promises.”

Here’s everything fans need to know about the current Valorant match handover scenario and why it’s not always the most efficient system.

Valorant’s surrender system and why it might require change

The modern surrender system in Valorant allows players to raise one surrender vote in each half of the match. However, if a surrender vote is raised in the thirteenth round and the player is interrupted, the rest of the player is forced to end the rest of the match at a disadvantage.

Still, the developers behind Valorant at the Riot Games were known for listening to community cries in the past. Given that the developers have decided to answer this question, the main hint of this problem that grabs the attention of developers.

In this regard, the problem in Valorant regarding smurfs and AFC players is constantly growing. In addition, there have been reports of an extremely toxic environment even at unrated matches. Understandably, these problems require much more urgency than accidental interruption.

As it seems at the moment, Valorant’s developers do not intend to devise a modification for the delivery system. However, after fixing other important issues, Valorant could have an improved delivery system in mind.

Posted December 25, 2020, 12:40 AM IST