[UPDATED] Ondo 2020: Akeredolu lifts Jegede on Election Petition

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, chairman of the APC, Ada Adetimehin, deputy governor Lucky Ayedatiwa and chief of staff, chief of Olugbenga Ale addressing reporters after the tribunal’s verdict in Akure.

—- The petition was struck due to lack of jurisdiction and lack of merits

—– Akeredolu, a deputy duly sponsored by a political party

—- The verdict reflects the law, what people want, there are no enemies, no malice- Akeredolu

—- I will study the verdict, and then decide what to do next – Jegede

– Ondo APC praises the verdict, PDP strikes, to file an appeal

Dayo Johnson Akure

The Ondo Electoral Tribunal, sitting in Akure, rejected a petition filed by People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Eyitayo Jegede against Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of the Congress of All Progressives (APC).

Jegede’s petition was withdrawn due to lack of authority and lack of merits

The tribunal’s verdict, which was previously scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, was postponed to yesterday and was held via Zoom.

In the two-hour verdict, the presiding judge, Judge Abubakar Umar, however, deleted Jeged’s petition for lack of jurisdiction.

(INEC) declared Akeredolu the winner of last year’s gubernatorial election by choosing the most legitimate votes to defeat Jegede of the PDP and former deputy governor Agboolu Ajayi of the Zenith Labor Party (ZLP).

Dissatisfied with the outcome of the election, Jegede, through his defense counsel, Mr. Onyeksasi Ikpeasu (SAN) challenged Akeredolu’s victory in the polls.

However, passing the verdict practically in Akure, the chairman of the three-member justice council, Umar Abubakar, said that “the issue raised in this petition has resolved the issue of internal affairs and management of a political party that has no jurisdiction over this court.”

The tribunal ruled that Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and his deputy Lucky Aiyedatiwa were duly nominated and sponsored by the APC in accordance with Article 177 of the Constitution and Article 31 of the Election Law.

“The tribunal cannot determine whether Mai Bala Buni, the governor of Yobe State, is illegally occupying the seat of interim chairman of the APC’s extraordinary convention planning committee,” the court ruled.

Abubakar said Akeredolu and Aiyedatiwa demonstrated without a doubt that they were duly sponsored by a political party.

The tribunal chairman said that the applicants had not challenged the evidence of the submission of the names of Akeredolu and Aiyedatiwa by the Buni-led transitional committee in the case of the party’s NEC.

He further emphasized that the applicants had also not challenged Bunny’s membership in the APC.

“There is also evidence that the APC as a sponsor complied with the law in the process of submitting the names of its candidates, Akeredolu and Aiyedatiwa.”

“Jeged’s case is flawed and this is rejected. The chairman stated

Judge Abubakar noted that neither party to the petition would incur additional costs as the parties would bear their own costs.

Recall that during the legal fireworks, MPs Jegede, Onyechi lkpeazu alleged significant violations against Section 183 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1999, amended and permitted due to which Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and Lucky Ayedatiwa of the APC were not validly nominated for the Candidate Candidate , ie a candidate for Deputy Governor for Elections.

He said that “Article 17 of the APC Constitution also stipulates that any party official in any body cannot simultaneously spontaneously occupy any other executive power in the government, thus blaming the nomination of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and Lucky Ayedatiwa for a candidate for governor, or for a deputy governor.

He therefore prayed to the Tribunal to declare that the APC had no candidate for governor and deputy governor for the elections and that Eyitayo Jegede should be declared duly elected governor of the state of Ondo.

For his part, Akin Olujimi, an adviser to Governor Akeredolu, said the tribunal did not have jurisdiction to interpret Section 183 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

According to Oluimi, “Eyitayo Jegede is not a member of the APC and therefore cannot interfere in the internal crisis of the APC.

He said that “Eyitayo Jegede failed to prove that Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and Lucky Ayedatiwa were not properly nominated for the Election, and therefore appealed to the Tribunal to reject Eyitayo Jegede’s petition for chasing the shadows and wasting the time of learned lawyers.

Both IEC defense attorney Charles Edosomwan told the tribunal that “NEC has no right to refuse a political party nomination.

Edosomwan, therefore, erred in the claims of Eyitayo Jegede and the PDP and prayed to the Tribunal to dismiss the petition for lack of merits.

*** The tribunal’s ruling reflects the law that people want – Akeredolu

…. no enemies, no anger

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu described the ruling of the State Electoral Court as a true reflection of the position of the law and the collective desire of the people.

Akeredolu said he had no enemies to protest against as a result of the tribunal’s case.

Reacting after the verdict, the governor said “For every purpose and mission God has approved, the will to sail the clouds of uncertainty and the path of thorns becomes stronger if supported by faith. In our case, our faith is unwavering.

“Therefore, with gratitude to God, we accept the judgment of the honorable court.

“We have gone through this legal procedure and the path of justice with the hope that the true position of the law will be examined and revealed once again.

“The industry and legal expertise shown by the Honorable Court confirmed this desire.

“We were equally fascinated by the relentless aspiration to renew our social connection with the good state people while the legal struggle lasted.

“In an unequivocal way, the verdict of the Tribunal further fermented this connection and strengthened the desire of the people.”

“Regardless, the legal process was not just part of our democratic culture. Legal paths, no doubt, provide in some cases certain opportunities that permeate fresh boundaries.

“Therefore, the ability to lend a hand of friendship, the courage to absorb even those who do not deserve it, as well as the generosity to revive old, relaxed relationships without resentment do what a true democrat does. I don’t blame anyone.

“Once again, the good people of the state of Ondo, without any stratification, remain my voters. Together we will move the state to higher and more sublime heights.

“For my brother, friend and colleague, Eyitay Jegede, my respect for him cannot disappear and I order him to join us in this Ondo project. No winners, no losers

*** Ondo APC welcomes the verdict

The Congress of All Progressives (APC) in Ondo welcomed the verdict of the Electoral Court of the State Governor’s Office, describing it as a victory for the people of Ondo State, who left everything on October 10 last year to give their vote.

The chapter congratulates its transitional president, Adeo Adetimehin, his election candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu, his candidate, Hon. Lucky Ayedatiwa, and indeed all the crowds of APC supporters in the state of Ondo. All are justified by a sound judgment.

This is contained in a statement by Secretary of State for Public Promotion Alex Kalejaye.

The party commends the three-member court for its impartiality and objectivity in considering all the arguments and counter-arguments put forward before it during the trial.

The party further praised the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) for adhering to what is fair and reasonable.

“We wonder how a candidate who has scored three more than 18 on the exam could expect to be declared successful, adding that the ‘People’s Democratic Party wanted to win behind the scenes.’

“The party advises the main opposition party to accept the verdict in good faith and arrange its home, why prepare for future elections.

**** I will study the verdict to know the next step – Jegede

“I will consult my advisors, eminent advisors who are knowledgeable in this business. A good number of them, some of whom are older. As I add my knowledge, we will progress.

“We do not want to rush anything. We’ll look at the verdict. We will request a copy of the judgment given the fact that we have sixty days to conclude and we will appeal if there is and the time starts today.

“So, it is important that we have access to the verdict just pronounced. We need to look at what they read. It is very critical and that is what we intend to do. Yes

“I commend the judges for being able to hand down their verdict within 180 days despite the strike.

“There are no emotions about this, we are interested in managing the state of Ondo.

**** Jegede sure of victory in the Court of Appeals – Ondo PDP

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chapter Ondo and its candidate Eyitayo Jegede, SAN, will appeal the tribunal’s ruling in the October 20, 2020, gubernatorial elections.

Public Relations Party Secretary Kennedy Peretei said in a statement in Akure: “It is important to stress that, in its wisdom, the Tribunal acknowledged that the issues raised by the applicant were sufficient for consideration but constitutional, which the Tribunal is unable to do justice to. for.

“Interpretation of the Constitution, the role is reserved exclusively for the highest court in the country – the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

“The constitution of each state is a document that regulates the actions and behavior of its citizens. Therefore, it is our belief that no one can flagrantly trample on the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and flee on the pretext that the Tribunal has no jurisdiction.

“The PDP is convinced that we have a strong case for which we will be justified at the end of the day.

“We want to appeal to all believers of our party to be persistent and to be calm in the current circumstances, because we are sure of victory in the long run.

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