Unknown armed people and the Somalization of the Igbo country

Written by dr. Ugoji Egujo

In Somalia, clan-based guerrillas once sought freedom and dreamed of Eldorado. They expelled dictator Siad Barre and left Somalia in ruins. Change is good. But after Saddam Hussein was abruptly dismantled, Iraq did not know peace.

Igbo land is in danger. Unknown armed men. What didn’t they do? They casually slaughtered innocent police officers. They robbed police stations in rural and urban areas. They kidnapped Black Mary. Unknown armed men didn’t just stick their fingers in the eyes of the state; they did more. The vultures have now driven their beaks into the scrotum of the state.

They danced in front of the police headquarters in Im before they decided to dig it up and burn it. They did not mind that the governor and the DSS live in the neighborhood. When the police dusted off and found their voice, they were joking. They said their weapons were not taken away because of gallantry. We have to sympathize with the police. Police once punished and humiliated their rotten eggs, and now they are castrated by wild birds.

After police shoved sand into their mouths, the vultures stormed the jail. The guards must have crawled into the holes. Who would blame them? How would Ofeke fight what set Dike up? The vultures broke down the walls and placed nearly 2,000 prisoners who were sliding into freedom.

The police headquarters are only a few meters away, the width of the colonial road, from the government house. The government house is about 200 meters away, two football fields from the prison. Thank God for the DSS. How would you tell a story? The almighty DSS, whose offices are next to the government house, must have slept. They have to say thank you. And the army? The Army Brigade in Obinze is a ten-minute drive at midnight from the government. The unknown gunman spent two noisy hours and left unharmed. Perhaps the cries of the police could not get the army out of their own sleep. Honestly, the military is certainly tired.

Before tearing apart the Owerri prisons and leaving the government body in the open for public ridicule, the vultures encountered Professor Soluda and his team for a political campaign in Isuofia, Anambra state. On that sad day, they took the lives of three police officers and took away the state commissioner. The vultures also seem to be aimed at driving the intelligent Igbo sons out of the Igbo political field, which was dominated by fat heads and shadowy figures.

While all this was happening, the land of Igbo, the former land of the brave, was silent. No one beat drums and gongs to summon gods and people against the savagery of evil. The governors muttered and chattered. No one wanted to irritate the vultures. Traditional rulers on their toes and meowed. Even celebrities who found their voice during the protest against Endsar looked stupid. Fear is powerful. None of the bishops, not even those gifted with quick tongues, found the courage to utter a curse against the vultures. A few might have been glad that the wild birds were rattling the pompous, distant Bukhari.

Governor Imoa hinted that the prisons were in Owerri and that the police attacks were the cooperation of local politicians and engaged militants. He was not eager to involve IPOB. But the police do not choose this fraud or the double speech of the opposition politicians in the country. They stabbed the accusing fingers at IPOB. No one would know where this evil shoe pinches more than the police who lost people and are drunk with sadness and humiliation. But we are asked to wait for the commission of inquiry. A commission of inquiry against wild vultures releasing prisoners, killing police officers recklessly, sharing sovereignty with the government?

The decimation of the police is an escape into anarchy. It doesn’t matter if people dream of Biafra. It doesn’t matter if some politicians go back to their rivals. It doesn’t matter if brave men downplay it out of cowardice or ignorance. Some misguided young men who will bear the burden of the Afghanization of the country of Igbo might be excited, but the potential consequences of the road being taken are certainly Somali.

The reaction of the Federal Government was lukewarm. The federal government gives the image of an exhausted polygamous man with many belligerent wives in whom there is no strength left to combat the problem. Police station after police station, burned down. The federal government has re-examined old press releases. Perhaps bandits from the northwest and problem makers in the southwest have accustomed the Federal Government to losing their lives and pride. The headquarters of the state police was razed. The state prison was broken into. But all we heard were the usual cautions and platitudes about national unity

As the vice president assessed the ruins at Owerri prisons, the vultures swallowed two more police stations. The sight of the burning vehicles at the headquarters of the Mbano police department did not raise eyebrows. The next day, the Mbaitoli police station conducted a search. Maybe no one can blame Eze for not answering. When something larger than a cricket meets a cricket in a hole, the cricket stops chirping. The day after Vice President ndi Imo said the government was at the peak of the situation, vultures stormed Eze and his cabinet of six bosses and took them into an evil forest of captivity.

Prisons that housed armed robbers, kidnappers, murders and rapists are now empty. We collected wasps with our heads, we have to endure the sting.

Everyone denied involvement. Even those who used to be brave and creepy. But someone praised the destruction of the prison and the police headquarters. As before, he said no one deserved to be in prison in Owerri since the repentant Boko Haram moved. The road to Biafra must be filled with confused philosophers. He asked unknown armed men to take revenge on the innocent. Several people seem to be afraid of taking responsibility, but eager for prayer.

Igbo land slides according to mafia rule. There is a reign of terror. Once the violence is allowed to sit, he cannot be ordered to leave. It is sad that those who set out to find freedom for people have become typical Azuanukas.

Igbo have roughly the best literacy levels in Africa. Igbo have roughly the best per capita income of any ethnic group in Nigeria. Igbo is the most entrenched ethnic group and perhaps the most advanced if democratized wealth is indeed wealth. Yes, it’s all about hard work, industry, but Lagos is welcome. Nigeria may be sick, but igbo have flourished in it more than most other ethnic groups.

The Igbo are marginalized, but the Igbo is perhaps the only ethnic group to have more wealth outside than in their homeland. It is not difficult to understand that the overall interest of the widespread Igbo state lies in a fairer and more prosperous Nigeria. And that risk of violent conflict to look for Biafra when the circumstances of 1966 no longer exist is mere madness. Clear-eyed sober thinking must reveal that if Nigeria is to disintegrate, Igbo should not advocate it for economic reasons of self-interest.

There is this sublime argument that Biafra would quickly become a first world country. Assuming that this is a valid argument, wouldn’t the championship of violent disintegration risk a descent to Somalia? A weaver with one leg in his hand could be worth more than two lush pigeons in the bush.

Igbos used to be shrewd.

The government must find arrows to stop the vultures. But after that the eagle has to sit down and the dragon has to settle down. True federalism with regions as federal units like the polygamous units of the African king. Resource control. Regional police and judiciary.

God will spare the land of Igbo.

Vanguard News Nigeria