Uncertainty: Senator Adeola threatens to join forces against cattle breeders in Ogun

A senator representing the western Senate district of Lagos, Solomon Adeola has threatened to join forces with his constituents to resist endless attacks by Fulani herders on communities in Yewa country in the state of Ogun.

The legislator, who said that citizens have the right to self-defense, claimed that the governor of the state of Ogun did not react to the attacks suffered on people.

In a statement issued Sunday by his special media adviser Kayode Odunaro, Senator Adeola said the federal government’s inactivity was responsible for the brazen attacks on Yewa North, Imeko, Athos, Ipokia and local government Yewa South.

He said the attack on the councils two weeks ago caused several deaths and destruction of property without the authorities stopping the tide.

“Let it be stated that, as a representative of the people who has sworn to uphold the country’s constitution and laws, including the right to self-defense, I will not hesitate to join my people in defending their rights to life, property and peaceful coexistence with others in the face of seemingly failed constituted authorities to defend such fundamental rights against anyone or force, “he said.

Adeola explained that he waited two weeks without seeing government intervention, while the arsonists still have a field day, a release of chaos and other criminal activities on Yewa land.

He called on the state and the federal government to wake up to protect citizens, stressing that sitting on one’s back and watching the state transition into anarchy will mean doom.

The legislature warned that several deaths and the destruction of the property of legitimate Nigerians in several communities in Yewa, caused by Fulani attacks, are not only unacceptable, but will no longer be covered up.

He noted that government action is urgent before the affected communities will resort to self-help.

“I reminded that on various occasions on the Senate floor, I contributed to the discussions on the deterioration of the security situation in different parts of the country and I always campaigned for the restructuring of the country’s security architecture.

“I made a similar contribution to the Senate proposal on general security only last week. “Now something concrete must be done urgently to stop the arson and killings in Jeveland by the relevant authorities and security agencies,” he stressed.