Uncertainty is the result of a failed leadership – Ohanaeze Ndigbo

A big patron of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the state of Cross River, chief Fidelis Obi Onyebuske has accused the federal government of failing to lead.

According to him, the failed leadership brought insecurity, attacks on security agents, as well as the burning of police stations and prisons, including the release of prisoners and inmates.

Chief Onyebuske, who was also the general president of the Igbo community in Calabar, Cross River State, lamented the poor security situation in Nigeria and blamed the failure of the leadership to act proactively, especially as far as shepherds and bandits are concerned.

Addressing DAILY MAIL, Onyebuske, who is a lawyer, said: “If there was no failed leadership, no group of people could get up and burn down police stations. It is the result of a failed leadership.

“The government should do something to ensure that what happened in the northeast and northwest does not descend to the southeast.

Consequently, the great patron of Ohanaeze Ndigbo called on the federal government to deeply investigate recent security breaches in the southeast to determine those responsible for the acts, without which Igbos will not be comfortable traveling home, “that is my fear,” he said.

Speaking further, he explained: “Yes, when it comes to security, it is one of the issues that concerns people’s lives because people will be comfortable when there is security.

“I know that insecurity is part of society, but you don’t feel it directly when it doesn’t happen around you.

“We used to hear insecurity in the northeast and northwest, but unfortunately it comes down to us. Some years ago it was the Niger Delta; namely, Rijeka and the state of Belyels. I never dreamed that Igbo would come to earth.

“We know that young people have been very restless in the country of Igbo, especially in IPOB; they are not very comfortable with what is happening in society.

“But all this time, from the time of MASSOB to IPOB before it was banned, there was no violence and this sudden act of insecurity allegedly carried out by unknown armed people, I personally cannot attribute it to a certain group, except the group goes out to accept responsibility .

“In my local self-government, the police station was burned down, the police station of our neighbors also burned down, about four police stations were burned down. If the police are bullied like that, what is the guarantee that we are safe? he declared.