Two professors become chairmen of local authorities in Born – Punch Newspapers

Kayode Idowu, Maiduguri

The two professors were among 27 local government presidents who were sworn in in Borno state on Wednesday.

The two professors are Adam Alooma and Ibrahim Bukar.

Alooma, a professor of banking and finance, a former dean at the Faculty of Management Sciences at Maiduguri University, was sworn in as chairman of the local government area of ​​Dambo.

Bukar, who is a professor of education, also at the same university, was sworn in as chairman of the Gwoza local government area.

They were among the 27 elected during the elections held in the entire area of ​​the local government on November 28, where all the Progressives were given all the seats for the presidency and the council.

During the swearing-in ceremony of the chairmen, which took place in the multi-purpose hall of the Government House in Maiduguri, Zulum reminded that the elections had not been held in the country for more than 10 years, due to the long-term security situation in Born.

Zulum, in his remark, ordered the Ministry of Local Government and Emirate Affairs to immediately release to the elected chairmen all funds allocated to the 27 local self-government councils from the federation’s account so that they could begin to influence life on the ground.

However, he called on the elected officials to perform their duties with the fear of God, but without fear and affection.

He ordered all elected officials to operate in their local headquarters in a safe and with the citizens who live there.

He said governance would not make sense if the chairmen choose to act from Maiduguri, while those who vote for them live in local government areas outside Maiduguri.

Zulum noted that the chairmen should live and work from their people in order to know the problems of the moment and solve them.