Two lovers arrested for selling cannabis cookies to schoolchildren in Abuja

National Drug Enforcement Agency operatives have arrested two suspects who produce and sell drug cookies to schoolchildren and other unsuspecting public in Abuja.

The suspects, student Rhoda Agboje and her boyfriend Ifeanyi Nwankwo, were arrested for making cookies with Arizona, a highly psychoactive variant of cannabis; alcohol and Rohypnol, among other ingredients.

The union was unraveled after the arrest of Agboje, who was caught on Sunday with four pieces of drug cookies.

The commander, NTLEA FCT Command, Mohammed Malami Sokoto, told reporters that Agboje was arrested at the NNPC cooperative estate, opposite the Gaduwa estate in Abuja, on appeal after she gave cookies to an untried young girl.

The young girl, after eating the drug cookies, lost her mind and could not sleep, giving incoherent excuses for the effects of the cookies.

During interrogation, the first suspect Agboje admitted that she prepares cookies with a friend and sells each pack of three pieces at a price of N1,500. Further surgery at her boyfriend’s house led to the recovery of over 200 pieces of drug cookies.

Sokoto said: “Boyfriend Ifeanyi Nwankwo and all the equipment used to make the cookies have been brought to the office for further investigation.

“The suspect confirmed that she sells at parties and untried members of the public, including schoolchildren who are most endangered. The suspect also supplies some supermarkets and clubs in the FCT. ”

Narcotic agents with FCT command from NDLEA also launched a search for another member of the union involved.

In response, NDLEA Chairman / CEO Mohamed Buba Marwa on Tuesday praised FCT officers and people for exposing the union.

According to him, what the union was doing was not only criminal, but equally unknowing, deliberately luring schoolchildren to take drugs under cover to sell them cookies or cakes.

“I want to draw parents’ attention to this new perverted strategy of getting kids hooked on drug cookies and encouraging them to stay alert while monitoring what their protégés bring from school or eat as a snack, ”Marwa said.