TV Tonight: Lucy Worsley is back and exploring blitz | Television and radio

Blitz Spirit with Lucy Worsley

20.30, BBC One

The BBC’s favorite historical fashion chest of drawers returns to a special that focused on the lives of six blitz survivors in Britain. With 44,652 people killed under the rubble caused by the heavy bombing of British cities between September 7, 1940 and May 11, 1941, Worsley recounts powerful first-hand stories of those living in the forefront of this bloody period of our history. Archival footage is combined with testimony to create a vivid reimagination. Ammar Kalia

Masters of Interior Design with Alan Carr

20:00, BBC two

This week, the challenge is to repair the store with designers working in pairs, a format that unfortunately does not lead to passive-aggressive sabotage. The over-ambitious designs instead provide drama, as the two-day turnaround forces the victim to go for the more wacky plans of the contestants. Jack Seale

Forensics: Real CSI

21:00, BBC two

Finding a bloody fingerprint is like hitting a forensic jackpot, but that’s just one piece of evidence in the middle of a huge action on this week’s scene. After a man is fatally stabbed in a section of a house in Birmingham, the alleged killer escapes, and detectives must use every tool he needs to find him. Ellen E Jones


21:00, ITV

Anna Friel as Marcella, a secret in Belfast. Photo: Patrick Redmond / ITV / Rex / Shutterstock

Anxious copper Anna Friel tries to come to terms with her old life and current uncertain secret mission as this by far third series draws to a close. The shocking discovery causes Marcello to crash his car and Stacey Maguire disappears. If only there was a bewildered detective nearby who could help … Hannah J Davies

512 hours with Marina Abramović

21:00, Sky Arts

This entertaining film recounts the work of the marathon performed by Marina Abramović from 2014 in the Serpentine Gallery in London, who spent six days a week, from 10 am to 6 pm, in the gallery space, meeting visitors. Through endurance we witness his intimacy. AK

Darren McGarvey’s class wars

22:00, BBC Scotland

Writer McGarvey’s insightful research into our changing attitude toward class continues with a focus on power this week. He hears from historian Douglas Eckhart about how our class structures can be traced back to the Romans and visits the community in Inverclyde. AK

Movie selection

Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox and Ewan McGregor in Shallow Grave.
Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox and Ewan McGregor in Shallow Grave. Photo: Allstar / Channel 4

Shallow Tomb (Danny Boyle, 1994) 21:00, Film4
Danny Boyle’s debut is a nervous thriller with a creepy sense of humor and a trio of acting talents. Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston and Kerry Fox were left with a couple of problems: a case full of cash and a corpse. Friendship quickly dies in the midst of increasingly bizarre events. Paul Howlett

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Premier League Football: Leeds United – Southampton 5.30pm, Sky Sprts main event. The best match on Elland Road.

Champions League football: Atlético Madrid v Chelsea 19:00, BT Sport 2. First game, round of 16.

Football Championship: Rotherham United v Nottingham Forest 20:00, Sky Sports main event. Live from a stadium in New York.