TV calendar: Dates of return and premiere in January 2021

That throwing up and festive decorations in Squid and Dagger can only mean one thing: your favorite TV shows have gone on vacation.

So, when will he be back? The following is a fantastically handy list of confirmed return dates in 2021 for tens to tens screenplay series. We also included season premieres for several shows, as well as extremely curated (there is one, I mean …?) Selection of favorites for cable TV.

As always, TVLine is a unique interactive experience if you have any questions, please contact us politely in the comments.

Just keep in mind: What you have in front of you is no our world-famous, January calendar suitable for framing. No, that annual megillah is 1) an actual calendar with squares and other things, and B) that is still being built, using Elmer’s glue, pipe cleaners and glitter, to hit the presses this month.

Also keep that in mind The following season premiere dates are still TBD: Blood and Treasure, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dynasty, Evil, Good Girls, In the Dark, Legends of Tomorrow, Manifesto, New Amsterdam, Roswell, New Mexico i Great girl.

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TV calendar 2021. Dates of return