Tropico 5 is free today at the Epic Games store in holiday sales 2020

The holiday sale of the Epic Games Store is giving away Tropico 5 for free for a limited time. Free programs remain available until December 24.

The Epic Game Storea holiday sale is given away Tropico 5 free from now until tomorrow, December 24 at 11:00 EST. Epic Games is no stranger to providing its customers with free services every so often. However, holiday sales serve as an example of a shop window that throws things out. Every day until the end of this month, users can expect a different game to be free on the platform.

Late last week, a list of alleged offers for the holiday sale of the Epic Games Store leaked online. And so far it has proven to be at least partially accurate. According to a leaked list of free games, the shop window would give away titles like Stranded Deep,, Metro 2033, i Alien: Isolation. The last two were split earlier in the week on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Another game from the previously leaked list became available today.

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Haemimont Games’ Tropico 5, which originally arrived on PC in 2014, counts as today’s free game on the Epic Games Store. From now until December 24 at 11:00 EST, store users can download the city builder for free. Official Epic Games Store The Twitter page shared the news, confirming that another free program is scheduled for tomorrow. For now, there is no official news on what the next offer will include. However, the aforementioned leak has that Inside there will be the next free game.

Predecessor to last year Tropico 6,, Tropico 5 is a city builder and management simulator that challenges players to grow in the remote island nation of Tropico. However, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. The expansion of the nation takes into account much more than just today. Instead, players are tasked with building the Tropico from the national colonial period until the 21st century. Trading mechanics, scientific research and technological advances add depth to the overall experience, guaranteeing a significant time investment that many players may find worthwhile.

So far, Epic Games Store holiday gifts provided various titles. There seems to be something for everyone. And even if one offer isn’t someone’s cup of tea, trying something new for free mightn’t hurt. Freebies like Metro 2033 i Tropico 5 are particularly timely, serving as excellent starting points for series that released entirely new entries last year.

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Epic Games Store customers can download Tropico 5 free from now until December 24 at 11:00 EST.

Source: Epic Games Store

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